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I first learned about "Flying Saucers when I was about 10 years old. Being already precociously interested in science and space travel, I was naturally fascinated by the idea that the earth was being visited by alien spaceships. Right away, I began to read everything about the subject that I could find. That wasn't much, at first, because I was living in a small town on the coast of Maine with no real library or book store around. Then, when I was 12, my family moved to a town in northern New York State, where the school had a real library. There were some books on "Flying Saucers" in the library, and I quickly "devoured" them. At the same school, I met a couple of teachers who were New Age-type "true believers" in UFOs (Yes, way back then!), and I got some more literature on the subject from them.

A few years later, my family moved to the Utica-Rome area of central New York State, where there was another school library and a couple of public libraries that I could get to, and even a bookstore. My pattern of reading everything about "Flying Saucers" that I could get my hands on continued. By the time I had left college (after one semester) I had read literally every book (30+) I could find on the subject, plus many articles and booklets. I had also already talked in depth with a number of people who had had UFO encounters. And I had given my first lecture on the subject. It was not to be the last.

Meanwhile, my beliefs relevant to the subject had gone through some changes. They started out as simple, though fervent, interest. This gradually changed to fanatical belief. In the process, the subject introduced me to the occult, something my parents, though committed Christians (My Dad was a Baptist minister) had taught me very little about. My interest in the occult was part of what led me away from the Lord in my late teens, and got me into some serious problems. My own life is a testimony to the spiritual harm that belief in UFOs can do.

While I was in college, however, I began to learn some things about UFOs and relevant topics that caused me to begin having doubts. I found that trying to find concrete, verifiable truth relevant to the subject was an exercise in futility. All I kept finding was contradictions, inconsistencies, and confusion. I also found blatant falsehood and obvious irrationality. It began to get so that the more I learned, the less I believed. As I was getting more sophisticated intellectually, I was starting to become a skeptic. Still, I was convinced that there was something real about the phenomenon, but I didn't know what.

A while after leaving college, I took up the study of art and came to New York City, where I began an art career. It was shortly thereafter that UFO abductions began to make news. These compelling stories renewed my interest in the subject, and to some extent my belief. I read quite a few more books and article on the subject, and did some personal investigation of UFO sightings. This also renewed my interest in the occult.

Then I got saved. I couldn't fit UFOs into my Christian cosmology, so I "put them on the back shelf" of my mind, and there they stayed for about 5 years.

Then one day in the spring of 1973, while browsing in a bookstore, I found Dr. Jacques Vallee's classic book, "Passport to Magonia". Reading it opened my eyes. I suddenly knew that UFOs (as "Flying Saucers" were being commonly called by then) were a satanic deception. And that meant the same thing had to be true of the "Ancient Astronaut" theory, which I had also known about for a long time. I first heard about that when I was 14 years old. (By the way, although Erich von Daniken has become the most famous proponent of the theory, he definitely didn't invent it. The idea is actually older than the modern UFO Phenomenon.) This led me to another flurry of study of the subject, as I sought further confirmation of my discovery. In the following years, I upped my total of UFO books read to 100+. I even began, after a while, to find Christian books and ministries that supported my views, both on UFOs and "Ancient Astronauts". In the fall of 1973, I got to give lectures to a group of college students in which I presented the reasons why the UFO Phenomenon is satanic, and why the "Ancient Astronaut" theory is nonsense.

Around this time, I was getting heavily involved in Christian ministry of one kind or another, and soon was in ministry full time. I set my art career aside. I also put UFOs "on the back shelf" again, until 1977. Then, having learned about the upcoming movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", I proceeded to launch a ministry that I called "The UFO Project". It was a forerunner of this one. But rather than being about the Second Coming, it was about warning Christians of the satanic nature of UFOs, and reaching out evangelistically to people who were interested in the subject. I distributed thousands of tracts on UFOs, and other relevant literature, got one magazine article published, and did a series of lectures. Beyond that, the ministry didn't amount to much. However, at least one backslidden Christian came back to the Lord as a result. Another Christian who needed deliverance as the result of involvement with UFOs got it, and at least one person got saved. So it wasn't fruitless.

When that ended, I for the most part put UFOs "on the back shelf" again. There, for the most part, it has stayed. I did do some further lecturing on the subject in the years that followed, and was a talk show guest, discussing the subject from a Christian perspective. More recently, I circulated a tape recorded lecture on UFOs. I also attended a conference on UFOs, where I met and talked at length with John Fuller, author of the UFO classic book, "The Interrupted Journey", the first best-selling book about a UFO abduction. Only now, years later, am I finally publishing something else about the subject. I don't want to get too involved with UFOs. As stated in the "Danger to Christians" page, UFOs are, spiritually, a very dirty subject. If you touch something dirty, you get dirty. But the present state of the Phenomenon calls for something about it to be included in this ministry. There is too much belief in UFOs, and too much interest in the subject, even among Christians. And because of the relevance to Prophecy, no treatment of that subject would be complete without dealing with the significance of UFOs. The Lord seems to have given me a special anointing of the Spirit for writing this, and I have actually gotten closer to Him while doing it.

However, I repeat my recommendation that Christians for the most part stay away from the subject of UFOs. Too much interest is dangerous. Yet, as stated, it is dangerous for a Christian to be totally ignorant about this, or to have erroneous ideas about it, however superficially held. Either condition can leave a Christian open to demonic attack. A Christian should be informed about UFOs, at least to the point of understanding the true origin of the Phenomenon, and how to deal with it if necessary, and the true Prophetic significance. Beyond that, it is best that they leave it alone.

I mean to take my own advice. I may possibly update these Web pages, and the parallel booklet, and make such changes as may occasionally appear necessary. I will answer questions about UFOs. Otherwise, I mean to henceforth put the topic "back on the shelf" and leave it there. I know all that I need to know about UFOs and then some. If you have read these pages, and really listened to and understood what is said, so do you.

My advice to all my readers is to follow the admonition of Colossians 3: 1 & 2:

  1. If you then were raised with Christ, seek those things that are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God.
  2. Set your mind on things above, not on things on earth.

Note that "things on earth" includes UFOs.

So let me remind you once again:

Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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