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Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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"Jesus is coming!"

Of course, many Christians say they believe this, but many of them are really doing little more than giving lip service to the idea. The truth is, even most "Born Again" Christians aren't really expecting the Second Coming any time soon, and they way they live their lives shows it. Only a serious minority are really expecting it, and even they are in widespread disagreement about exactly what is going to happen.

For example, one prophecy - related Web site says that the United States is going to destroy Islam at the start of the Tribulation.

Another says that the terrorist forces of Islam will destroy the United States.

You know what? I think they are both wrong. But there is probably no single area of Christian doctrine in which there is so much widespread, wide open disagreement as Second Coming Prophecy.

And by the way, yet another Web site maintains that the Tribulation has already begun.

Somehow, most interpreters of Prophecy don't seem to seriously reflect on the fact that all this disagreement means that most of them have to be at least partially wrong.

All this disagreement, aggravated by all the times in recent years that people have been trying to set the date of the Second Coming, plus making all kinds of other wild predictions, and have been being proven wrong by history, again and again, is probably why real, serious belief in the Second Coming has mainly been assigned to the lunatic fringe of Christianity, and why  in some churches the subject is never mentioned. You can't blame some Christians leaders for not wanting to get involved in the controversy.

Even as respected a Bible teacher as Howard Camping of Family Radio blew it with his fiasco book "1994". By the way, he wasn't the only student of prophecy to independently pick 1994 as the year of the Second Coming. And they were all wrong.

Meanwhile, there is being a proliferation of "dreams and visions" related to the Second Coming. Some Christians are basing their beliefs about Prophecy much more on these dreams and visions than they are basing them on the Word.  This is a very dangerous thing to do. (See Jeremiah 23:26-32.) Many of the dreams and visions that have been communicated over the Internet have little to do with either the Bible or reality. And neither does much that has been published otherwise. It's hard to understand how any sane person could take some of this stuff seriously. Christians must learn the difference between real faith and blind credulity.

Note that one principle of interpreting prophecy that underlies the Message of this Web site is that an interpretation, to have any chance of being right, must take both the Bible and reality into consideration. In the two examples of contradictory opinions concerning Islam above, it is probable that neither the United States nor Islam possesses the power to destroy the other without unacceptable consequences to itself. Therefore, neither opinion is in harmony with reality. But as shown in "The Great Tribulation" pages, there is reason to believe that both the U.S. and Islam will be destroyed, reason that is not unrealistic and is in harmony with Scriptures.

A Biblical precedent for the idea that interpretations of Prophecy must take reality into serious consideration is the case of Jeremiah prophesying that Babylon would destroy Jerusalem and take the Israelites into captivity. Look at it this way: He didn't say that space aliens would do it! At the time he was prophesying, Babylon was the rising star in world power. During his ministry, Babylon destroyed the mighty, Assyrian Empire, wiping out its capital city, Nineveh, and finally defeating its army at the great Battle of Carchemish. Carrying conquered nations into captivity had long been standard practice in the Middle East. It's in the Bible! Therefore, anyone who was aware of what was going on in the world at the time would have had to have been nervous about the potential of Babylon as a conqueror and captor, prophesy or no prophesy.

Similarly, there are reasons now that suggest, nay, mandate the Second Coming of Christ in the near future if it is ever going to happen at all in any way that resembles Christian expectations. These reasons are based on reality as evaluated in the light of a number of often-overlooked but relevant and highly significant passages of Scripture. These reasons suggest that if the Second Coming does not take place, at the latest, within the next half century, history will go past the point where the Prophecies can be fulfilled in any way that resembles general Christian expectations. Taking it to the ultimate conclusion, they suggest that if the Second Coming does not take place within that period of time, the Bible either isn't true, or either the Preterist or Spiritualist view of Second Coming Prophecy is really the right one. See "Is the Book of Revelation Symbolic?"

In other words, as far as the near future is concerned, the Second Coming of Christ is a now - or -never possibility. But there is reason why the Preterist and Spiritualist views appear to be wrong, and the Second Coming should still be in the future. For example, in Luke 21:35, Jesus says that that Day (i.e. The Great Tribulation) " will come as a snare on all those who dwell upon the face of the whole earth." And in Matthew 24:21 & 22, Jesus implied that the Tribulation will threaten the extermination of the entire human race. This statement certainly appears to refer to a future event. It is highly unlikely that it refers to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, as the Preterists say it does. Israel is far from being "the face of the whole earth".

And again, there is more reason to expect the Second Coming to really happen soon than even most students of prophecy know. These reasons will be presented and examined in this section of this Web site. We will present and examine the Biblical basis for these reasons in the following page:

The Tower

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