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UFOs: the Deadly Deception


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Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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Christians Are Not Immune To Deception

As stated in the "The Deception" page, Christians are not immune to deception. Contrary to what has been erroneously taught, they are not immune to demonic attack otherwise. This is particularly true if they have unacknowledged, unrepented sin in their lives. Too many of our present day Laodicean Christians are in this spiritual condition. Therefore, they are vulnerable to demonic attack by way of the UFO Phenomenon. Some Christians have been attacked in this way. Some have had their lives ruined thereby.

C. S. Lewis wrote that there are two mistakes a Christian can make about demons. One is not to believe in them at all. That way, when a demon attacks, the Christian will not be able to understand why he is having whatever problem. The other mistake is to believe in them and have an unhealthy, that is to say, too much, interest in them. A person who makes demons the focus of his thinking is likely to come under demonic influence without being aware that it is happening; at least not until something disastrous happens as the result of his error.

The same principles apply to belief in UFOs. Added to this is believing in them, but having erroneous ideas about them, in particular believing in either the "angelic" or "benevolent alien" explanations. Any of these positions on the subject is dangerous for a Christian.

If a Christian ignorantly believes in UFOs, and is open to either the "alien spaceship" or "angelic" theories, he or she is vulnerable to being drawn into a UFO cult or falling into severe demonic oppression. Demonic oppression can come from just reading UFO literature or associating with UFO "true believers". When a Christian gets involved with the UFO scene, he or she is violating the Biblical admonition to "touch no unclean thing" (II Corinthians 6:17). Spiritually, the UFO Phenomenon is a very dirty subject, as much so as pornography, though more subtly so, and, as the old saying goes, you can't handle something dirty without becoming dirty yourself. So don't get too interested.

Totally ignoring the subject can be dangerous too, even for a Christian. As also stated in the "Totally Different" page, the victims of UFO encounters, especially abductions, are intelligently selected. They tend to be people who have no real interest in or knowledge of the subject of UFOs before the abduction happens. Again, it is not true that Christians cannot be deceived or attacked by demons. The bottom line, in reality, is that Close Encounters of the Third Kind have happened to Christians. In fact, this was the case with on of the most publicized of such incidents. It is known as "The Andreasson Affair". (Note: if you want the details, see the book, "The Andreasson Affair" by Betty Andreasson and Raymond Fowler". There is also a sequel in print.) Betty Andreasson, the principle victim, was a Born Again Christian. Her Close Encounter destroyed her family and even caused the tragic death of one of her sons. Again, a deadly deception. When it was all over, she concluded that the beings that she naively accepted as "space aliens" were in fact demons.

Self Defense

For your own protection, hold firm to the position that UFOs are in a sense real, that is, they are not just the products of someone's imagination, nor are UFO encounters and reports all lies and hoaxes (frankly, some are). But believe they are a satanic deception. Be informed about them, but as much as possible only from a Christian perspective. That way, you won't get into demonic oppression and you will for the most part be safe from direct attack via UFOs.

If you think you are really seeing a UFO, or are being abducted, use the Biblical (Zechariah 3:2 and Jude 9) formula, "The Lord rebuke you, Satan". You can throw in the name "Jesus Christ" after the word "Lord". Say it out loud, addressed to Satan. It is a good idea to say a brief prayer and ask the Lord to forgive you for all sin before you do.) This may sound nutty to some readers, but it is Scriptural and it works. Done in faith by a Christian who is right with the Lord, it is a powerful defense against any genuinely satanic attack. Remember, The Bible says, "Resist the devil and he will flee from you" (James 4:7). When you say these words in faith, and mean it, you are resisting the devil in a Scriptural way. If you do this, and you are right with the Lord otherwise, the deception should vanish. In the case of a simple UFO sighting, if it doesn't, it probably means that you are misperceiving something ordinary as a UFO.

Being careful to stay right with the Lord is a good defense against any kind of satanic attack. See "Strangers and Pilgrims on the Earth". Also, remember I John 5:18.

On the other hand, if you are not right with the Lord otherwise, and you have a Close Encounter, you are in trouble deep. Dealing with that is beyond the scope of this Web site. But if you have anything left of your Christian Faith afterward (you may not), you may need deliverance (i.e. exorcism) to be able to get right with the Lord again. Deliverance ministered by Christians who know where UFOs come from.

UFO Cults

Finally, there is the issue of protecting yourself from UFO cults. Again, some of these cults masquerade as Christian. Don't have anything to do with any "Church" or "Ministry" that says anything that is spiritually good or positive about UFOs. Such groups may not even particularly focus on UFOs, but their erroneous ideas about UFOs may mean that they are into serious error otherwise. Especially if they claim to receive any insight or guidance from "aliens". Walk right out of their meeting or service if that's where you hear it. Don't tell yourself that you are a strong Christian and that you can handle. That may be the devil lying to you. Maybe you can, but maybe you can't. You are dealing with something satanic. Remember, Satan's power to deceive is much greater than most Christians think.

The First Law of Warfare is: Never underestimate the power of your enemy! This principle applies to spiritual warfare just as much as it does to material warfare.

Most Christians are familiar with I Peter 5:8, which says,

"Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."

One of the most dangerous falsehoods about Satan that has been preached in Churches in recent years is that he is a toothless lion. The Bible doesn't say that!!! Every time some well-meaning but deceived preacher says that from a pulpit, the devil is probably right behind him, patting him on the back and saying, "Preach it, brother! That's just what I want them to believe. If they do, they won't be sober and vigilant, and I can munch them up!"

This writer's reaction when he hears this falsehood preached is to think, "Oh yeah? Just wait until he bites you!" It is debatable whether the devil can cause you to lose your salvation, but he can sure chew up your Christian life. He did it to Betty Andreasson, and he can do it to you. UFOs are currently one of his most powerful tools for getting his teeth into people generally. So beware!!!

UFOs and Prophecy

Recognizing the satanic nature of the UFO Phenomenon, a number of Christians have speculated that the "Antichrist" will derive his power from UFOs. So great is the UFO Phenomenon that this is not at all an unreasonable idea. In II Thessalonians 2:9, we do read;

"The coming of the lawless one is according to the power of Satan, with all power, signs and lying wonders".

Since we have already linked UFOs to the "lying wonders", it seems to logically follow that this is a reference to a link between UFOs and the "Antichrist". In Revelation 13:13, we read of the False Prophet;

"He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven
in the sight of men".

This may be a reference to the False Prophet making UFOs appear on demand, as mentioned in the "Occult Connection". If UFOs actually appear and land on demand, and "aliens" emerge from them, at the request of the False Prophet, this would certainly support the "Antichrist". Also, one of the things that identifies the "Antichrist" is his being healed of a seemingly fatal head wound. Though it has not been discussed here, there have been miraculous healings associated UFOs. They are a rare and minor aspect of the Phenomenon though. But, overall, the idea does seem to make sense.

However, there is an alternative possibility. As stated in the "The Great Tribulation" page, there is very concrete reason, from the Bible, history and current events, to believe that the Beasts ("Antichrist" is really the wrong word) will come from Islam, and "Mystery Babylon" will be a revived Babylonian Empire, dominated by Islam. If this is true, then there is no obvious connection with UFOs that can be discerned at this time. (If you know different, please contact this author immediately.) Again, this doesn't make it impossible. But there is something going on in the Christian world that may give a totally different significance to the UFO Phenomenon as far as Second Coming Prophesy is concerned.

The Smokescreen

Although there are many serious exceptions, too many Christians in the United States, at least, are blissfully ignorant of the terrible threat that Islam has been and is to Christianity. Therefore, there is not much serious prayer being offered for Muslims, and too little being done in the way of ministry that specifically reaches out to them. If the Beasts do come from Islam, this is exactly the way Satan wants it. In accordance with II Thessalonians 2:11, it may be God's permissive will as well. Too much prayer and evangelism could in theory defeat Islam before the Beasts could arise. And one of the primary reasons why God allows the Beasts to exist is to chastise Christians during the Tribulation.

So it seems that UFOs may actually be part of a "smokescreen" deception aimed at Christians. The purpose of the overall deception is to distract Christians attention from Islam, the real threat, and encourage them to be looking for the "Antichrist" in all the wrong places. As has been stated, UFOs have a lot to do with the New Age Movement, and many Christians are expecting the "Antichrist" to come from the New Age. It is very unlikely, however, that the New Age Movement, as it is, could produce Two Beasts who fit the descriptions in Revelation 13. But Islam could do it right now if the United States was out of the way. Part of the message of this ministry is that when the Beasts rise to power, the U.S.A. will be history.

Christian belief in an "Antichrist" who comes from the New Age Movement is part of an overall phenomenon among modern Christians that can honestly and seriously be called "Second Coming Paranoia". It has been characterized by Christians giving unscriptural significance to the number 666, linking the International Product (Bar) Code to an "Antichrist government" that is supposedly already in power, and falsely identifying a variety of people as the "Antichrist". The latter have already included Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan, and lately, Bill Clinton. It has also included allegations to the effect that the building in New York City called "666 Fifth Avenue" is the headquarters of the "Antichrist" government" that is supposedly already in power. There are many other aspects of this problem, and to the extent that non-Christians see it, it happens to be a very bad testimony!

See the special page "Report on the Stupider Effect".

This is not hypothetical. This writer has observed what happens when unsaved people are confronted with some of the "Prophecy" nonsense that is being circulated in the Christian world today. It isn't good!!!

As shown in the "The Great Tribulation" page, there is reason from the Book of Revelation to believe that the Beasts will not rise to power, or be recognizable for who they are, until the Great Tribulation is well under way. At that time, using a scenario derived from the Book of Revelation alone, it appears that 2/3 of the human race will have already been killed and the United States of America will have virtually ceased to exist. We may also have lost much of our present technology by that time. Therefore, almost nothing that is happening now in the Western World will likely have anything to do with the Beasts. Most of the wild speculation and allegations being made now will turn out to be nothing but irrelevant nonsense.

The only thing about the UFO Phenomenon that does have a direct relationship with Second Coming Prophecy is the sheer enormity of it. As stated in the "Alien Spaceship" page, under "No?", we appear to be having several hundred UFO encounters a day, worldwide. These amount to a display of raw satanic power that has never been equaled, to our knowledge, in the history of the world. Add to that the cattle mutilations and the crop circles, and we know that something extraordinary is happening, and we must ask why. The obvious reason, from a Scriptural perspective, is that this is indeed is a partial, if not complete, fulfillment of II Thessalonians 2:9-11. This idea is further reinforced by the proliferation of UFO cults, and tragedies like Heaven's Gate. It is a sure sign that Satan has indeed "come down...having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time" (Revelation 12:12). And again, it is a demonstration of the truth that, as far as deception in the End Times is concerned, all things are possible with Satan.

Adding all this up, it just gives us further grounds for coming back to the main point of this ministry:

Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

If you are interested in knowing how the author came to these conclusions, check out the following page;

UFOs and The Author

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