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Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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In the "BABEL RISING!" section of this Website, it is said that all the progress we are making in science, technology, medicine, and especially space travel constitutes a new Tower of Babel rising. Unlike the first tower, which was simply meant to be very high, this one is literally reaching for the stars. This is creating a situation that demands massive divine intervention on a global scale in the near future to stop it. If it is not stopped, history will go past the point where it will be impossible for the Biblical prophecies of the Second Coming of Christ to be fulfilled in any way that generally resembles human expectations. The only thing prophesied that will do what needs to be done is the Second Coming of Christ, or, more specifically, the Great Tribulation.

Note: it could actually be stopped in another way, but one which will not fulfill the prophesies of the Second Coming of Christ. See "The Doomsday Factors" .

Before discussing this further, let me say that the entire BABEL RISING! concept was inspired by three science fiction novels written about sixty years ago by C. S. Lewis. The books, known as the "Space Trilogy" or the "Perelandra Trilogy", though often unknown to and seldom read by Christians, are considered classics in the world of secular science fiction. They are still in print. To my knowledge, there are only about a half dozen other writers who had science fiction novels in print when the "Perelandra Trilogy" was first published and still do. The ironic thing about that is this: the books are really addressed to Christians.

In the last chapter of the first book, which is titled "Out of the Silent Planet", Lewis threw a hint to the readers, so big it wasn't a hint, that he wrote those books to publish theological ideas that he thought were true and important but that he didn't think would be well received as non-fiction. The hint is embedded in a dialogue in such a way that a casual reader might not notice it. Because I had already heard the issues he raised in the book discussed from a secular standpoint, when I read the first novel (mid 1970s), I picked up on what Lewis was saying in the book, so I caught the hint.

In the trilogy as a whole, with impressive foresight, Lewis discussed all the progress mankind is making in science, medicine, high technology, and especially space travel. He saw where the human race was going, scientifically speaking. He said three things about the progress we have been making by what happened in the stories:

  • It is all demonically inspired.

  • It is all rebellion against God.

  • It is creating a situation that demands divine intervention on a global, catastrophic scale to stop it.

To these three points I have added one more:

  • The only thing prophesied that will stop it is the Second Coming of Christ, or from the standpoint of the unsaved world, the Great Tribulation.

However, the primary point of the first novel, "Out of the Silent Planet", is that Lewis did not believe that God will ever allow mankind to spread human civilization - and dominion - to other worlds. In the first and second novels he explained why. I agree with his thinking. Basically, Lewis saw our efforts to spread human habitation to other worlds as an effort on our parts to be our own gods. I agree. See "Man Most High?"

By the way, Lewis did not give a name to the trilogy. It is called the "Perelandra Trilogy" after the title of the second novel. In that novel, Lewis basically said that if God allows us to spread our habitation to other worlds, we'll take Satan to those worlds with us. Again, I agree.

The third novel is titled "That Hideous Strength". A note on the title page says that the title is from a line in a poem about the Tower of Babel. In that novel, Lewis compared all the progress we are making to the construction of the Tower of Babel. In that novel, the catastrophic intervention happens, though on a local scale. Yet in the hint mentioned above, Lewis said that the problem the novels address is global, not local. Once again, I agree.

In the first page of the "BABEL RISING!" section, titled "The Tower", I  identify what I call The Three Prohibitions. These are three things that God will not allow us to do - at least not for long - apart from His lordship regardless of how sinful we are otherwise, if the prophecies of the Second Coming are ever going to be fulfilled, again, in any way that resembles general expectations.

The Three Prohibitions are:

    1. God will not allows us to live in unity with unlimited communication. We have been in a state of increasing violation of this prohibition for some time now. We are constantly improving our ability to communicate, and the amount of effective cooperation is increasing. One wonders how much longer God will allow this to continue.

    2. God will not allow us to significantly extend our present lifespans or give ourselves biological eternal life. We are trying, and progress is being made. In fact, we are trying to do more than that. There is a relatively new phenomenon called the Transhumanist Movement which is trying to do both and give people superhuman powers in the process. Again, progress is being made.

    3. God will not allow us to establish permanent human colonies on other worlds. We are trying, and success appears to be coming. This is where recent developments in the area of space travel are now beginning to present a deadline. Unless God intervenes, there is a concrete possibility that we will violate this prohibition in the foreseeable future.

Right now, there is an international effort in progress to establish permanent colonies on the moon. It is notable that the colonies are intended to be stepping stones for further space exploration. Several nations are involved in this, just as several nations are involved in the International Space Station. That is why India, for example, recently landed an unmanned probe on the moon.

The hardware to build the colonies is being developed right now; that is, the effort is beyond the drawing boards and into the construction stage. A prototype of a new lunar rover - essentially an SUV for the moon - has been built and is being tested. Unmanned probes are being launched to study the moon in preparation for the colonies. One such probe was recently launched by India. It will search for water and metals on the moon.

The first colonies will, according to the plan, be established in the 2020s. Those colonies will be used as a stepping stone to Mars. Unless unforeseen circumstances (from the secular standpoint) stop it, this will happen.

I believe that the Great Tribulation will stop it. This is to say that the Great Tribulation will begin before the construction of the colonies actually begins. That places the date of the beginning at around 2020 AD, give or take a few years.

Before going further with this, I must raise another issue: the question of whether we can know when Jesus will come again. Although it can be argued conclusively that we cannot know exactly when Jesus will come again, there are two Biblical counterpoints to that belief.

One is the fact that there are multiple passages in the New Testament that, taken together, say that Christians who expect the Second Coming and are watching for it will not be taken by surprise. This is the reason why Jesus ended His prophetic discourse in Mark 13 with the well known words,

  "And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch."

By the context, the thing we are supposed to watch for is the Second Coming. But what is the point of watching if we can't know when it will happen?

The answer is what are called "signs of the times" arguments. In Matthew 24:32 & 33, Mark 13:28-29, and Luke 21:29-31, we have Jesus quoted saying the same basic thing.

"Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors."

From this, and a number of supporting passages, we understand that it is possible to know when the Second Coming of Christ is near. These passage have given rise to a number of different arguments for the soon Second Coming that are generically called "Signs of the Times" arguments. The entire BABEL RISING! concept is a Signs of the Times argument, including this page. Some others are mentioned in the "Where Is The Promise?" page that begins the Main Message of this site. However, an entire Web site the size of this one would not be enough to fully discuss all the Signs of the Times arguments that say that the Second Coming has to happen soon.

The second counterpoint to our not being able to know the exact date of the Second Coming is this: while there is no doctrinal support or Biblical precedent for knowing when Jesus will come again, there is Biblical precedent for something else: There are multiple Scriptural instances of time periods being prophesied and fulfilled. One of them, Daniel 9:24-27, foretells the approximate time of the First Coming of Christ. More than that, Daniel 9:2 is a Biblical precedent for understanding such numbers before the time period is fulfilled. Daniel did! And he was right! On the basis of this, the author believes he has found a prophesied time period that ends with the Second Coming of Christ. The time period is prophesied in Daniel 12:11-12. For my full argument on this point, see the page, "When Will Jesus Come Again".

The point is that the general deadline that is apparently now being set by the "BABEL RISING!" situation is exactly the same as what I say in that page, though I reached the conclusions by two totally separate routes of thinking, and without intentionally doing so. It just turned out that way. I don't think it is a coincidence. I think it means that my conclusions in the page linked above are correct.

Bottom line: we have what appears to be a circumstantial deadline that says that the Great Tribulation will begin within 25 years or less, and possibly much less. Therefore...

Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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