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Satan Has Great Power To Deceive

Understand this: Satan's power to deceive is much greater than most Christians realize.

  1. Jesus warned us about this with the statement, "and show great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect" (Matthew 24:24).
  2. St. Paul echoed the idea in II Thessalonians 2:9, with the words, "...according to the working of Satan with all power, signs and lying wonders".

Unfortunately, contrary to what some believe, Christians are not immune to deception. The words of Jesus, "if possible", could be better translated, "whenever possible". This is an honest alternate reading of the original Greek, and more in line with reality. Christians have been deceived, and thereby seriously hurt, spiritually and otherwise, because of their ignorance of the dangers connected with UFOs.

If you as a Christian do not believe that Satan could be responsible for the UFO Phenomenon, then notice the term "all power" in the quote from St. Paul. It tells us that Satan's power to deceive is something very serious. It happens to be the Greek word "dunamis". It is the same word translated "possible" in the statement, "With God, all things are possible" in Matthew 19:26. Paul is saying that, as far as deception in the End Times is concerned, all things are possible with Satan. We are in the End Times now.

The terms "signs and lying wonders", attributed to Satan, and especially "lying wonders", are almost certainly a reference to, among other things, UFOs.

At the very least, UFOs constitute a massive effort on the part of Satan and his "principalities and powers" (Ephesians 6:12) to keep or divert people from saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and, if possible, to ensnare them to the point of insuring their damnation. Satan also uses UFOs to seriously damage the lives of Christians.

Contrary to what some Christians believe, there is no reason to believe from the Bible that anyone is predestined to damnation. As Paul said (I Timothy 2: 3 & 4), "God our Saviour...desires all men to be saved". But it is possible that a person can go so far into sin that he or she is lost beyond salvation. It appears that Satan uses UFOs to get people to go beyond the spiritual point of no return.

Recognizing all this, some Christians seriously believe that the Beasts of the Revelation will have some connection with UFOs. Although this is not certain, it is by no means impossible and even appears likely.

The sheer scale of the UFO Phenomenon, moreover, can be considered, in an indirect way, to be a sign of our Lord's soon Coming. "The devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows he has but a short time" (Revelation 12:12). The devil is going all out with deception and temptation, and God is allowing it. UFOs are a major part of the devil's effort. The current level of interest in the Phenomenon is much greater than those who are not familiar with the subject would expect.

For example, there are more UFO books on the shelves of secular bookstores now than at any previous time. Old titles have been reprinted, and many new ones have appeared. There are new, slick, full color UFO magazines on the newsstands that present a curious mixture of scientific skepticism and New Age credulity. There have been a number of TV specials on the subject in recent years. There are well over 1000 Web sites devoted to the subject. In fact, UFOs are one of the biggest specific non-commercial topics on the Internet.

Note: It is not the purpose of this site to present a complete description of the UFO Phenomenon. There is simply too much material to cover. It is rather the purpose of this site to show why UFOs are satanic, warn of the specific dangers to Christians, and provide tips for spiritual self defense relative to UFOs. Little formal documentation is included, but that is to save time and space. Everything said is based on sound Scriptural reasoning and information from reliable sources.


How Satan Deceives

Satan possesses many ways in which he is able to carry out his deceptions:

  1. He can, first of all, suggest thoughts to a person's mind in much the way that a hypnotist does. This is actually the mechanism of ordinary temptation. The difference is that the temptation takes place at the spiritual rather than the material level. The person who is hearing the devil's suggestions doesn't naturally realize that the thoughts are coming from the devil. A Christian, however, can recognize the devil's thoughts if he has been enlightened by the Holy Spirit and study of the Word, plus some experience in Christian living.
  2. In the same way, Satan can cause a person to believe that he remembers something that did not happen. This is the probable cause of "hypnotic regression" UFO stories. There have also been tragic consequences of this related to other issues, such as sexual molestation cases.
  3. Satan can also speak to humans in a voice that they hear "telepathically" within their minds. This phenomenon has been the original inspiration for some UFO cults.
  4. Satan can alter a person's perceptions by way of spiritual suggestion, making him think that he is having an experience that is not really happening. Similarly, he can alter a person's perceptions of a real experience in such manner that a person believes that he is experiencing something other than what is really happening. He can do this to the point that, like a hypnotist, he can cause a person to have real physical symptoms from "medical examinations" and "radiation poisoning" that never happened.
  5. He can briefly imitate God's power of creation to the point of making strange things appear that are real enough to be photographed, filmed, and tracked on radar, but that cannot exist permanently. That is why "real" UFO sightings seldom last long, usually only a few minutes and rarely more than a few hours. This is the source of "real" UFOs. It also accounts for ghosts, apparitions, seance manifestations and poltergeist phenomena.
  6. He can cause physical changes to material things that are real and permanent. (There is Biblical precedent for this idea; see Exodus 7:11 & 22.) This includes physical harm done to humans.
  7. Finally, he and his "principalities and powers" can masquerade as "aliens" and possibly as humans, just as the Bible says that he "transforms himself into an angel of light" (II Corinthians 11: 14 & 15). Or, looking at it differently, just as demons masquerade as deceased people in seances.

Note that these points, except for the first, are conclusions based on this writer's study of this and related subjects. The first point comes from the writings of teacher-evangelist C. S. Lovett. Some additional support for the overall conclusions comes from the books "Demons in the World Today" and "What Demons Can Do To Saints" by Merrill F. Unger ( as in "Unger's Bible Dictionary). As the UFO Phenomenon relates to Christian cosmology, either these things are true or the Christian Faith isn't . Any other explanation of the reported phenomena, assuming they really occurred, or that the people who reported them believed that they really did, would invalidate Christianity.

Hypnotic Regression

One thing that has given credence to the phenomenon of UFO Abductions, aka "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", is the fact that many of the victims don't remember their experiences until they are hypnotically regressed to the time when the incident occurred. That is, the victim only consciously remembers, at most, a UFO sighting. But he or she has symptoms, often including time that can not be accounted for, which cause the victim to seek professional help, resulting in a hypnosis session. The hypnotist puts the victim in a trance and tells him or her to return to the time of the event. Then the hypnotist asks the victim questions about what happened, and the victim tells a story about an abduction.

Many people believe that these regression stories prove that the experiences were real. This is based on the erroneous assumption that what is remembered under hypnosis is always correct. It is well known, to real students of hypnosis, that this is not true. There was a criminal case about twenty years ago in which a man was convicted of murdering his wife on the basis of testimony given by his son under hypnosis. Then the wife turned up alive and healthy. In another incident, a man was arrested and brought to trial for armed robbery on the basis of a license plate number obtained from a witness under hypnosis. But during the trial, an opthamologist testified that under the lighting conditions that existed at the time of the robbery, it would have been physically impossible for the witness to see what he said he saw. The case was dismissed.

Hypnotic regression cases don't prove anything. In fact, the stories told by victims under hypnosis may be directly satanically inspired. In one well known case, an "alien" spoke through a victim's mouth while she was under hypnosis. This is basically identical to what is otherwise known as trance mediumship. It is of Satan.

By using all, or any combination of the above powers, the devil has been able to create most of what we call the UFO Phenomenon. As will be shown, he has also received some unwitting help from other sources.

This unwitting help will be discussed on the following page;

"Other Sources of the Deception.

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