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The following Bibliography is intended to document only the asteroid or comet collision aspect of what is said in this site concerning the Great Tribulation. At this time, this writer regrets not being able to present complete documentation for the theory concerning the sun "going nova". The only sources that can be quoted are the feature article in the Science section of the New York Times, September 20, 1994, and the article on supernovas in the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia. But be assured that it is a scientific possibility, though scientists do not expect it any time soon. The theory was pieced together from information gathered from many different areas of science.

Lord willing, some additional documentation on the "nova" will eventually be added.

Documentary support for the position of this Ministry that the source of the Beasts and Mystery Babylon is Islam can be found in the links on the Islam Links page.

The following books and Web sites all contain information that supports the overall theory concerning the possibility of an asteroid or comet collision at the beginning of the Tribulation, and/or the possibility of a fragmented comet nucleus playing a major role in the Battle of Armageddon. The recent publication dates also support the contention that most people could not have known about this possibility until quite recently. If you check out these sources, you will find support for everything that is said about what a comet or asteroid collision would do.


  1. Henbest, Nigel, "Mysteries of the Universe", New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1981. See chapter 5, "Cosmic Catastrophes".

  2. Tullus, John, "The Science Digest Book of Halley's Comet", New York, Avon Books, 1985. See Part I, chapter 3, "What if a Comet Hit the Earth, and Other Paranoias".

  3. "Project Icarus", MIT Press, 1969. This book presents the results of a scientific study done to find out how to prevent an asteroid or comet collision.

  4. Chapman, R.D., and Brandt, J.C., "The Comet Book", Boston, James and Bartlett Publishers, 1984. See chapter 9, "Stories and Legends".

  5. Raup, David M., "The Nemesis Affair", New York, W.W. Norton & Co., 1986. Deals mainly with where comets come from, but also discusses collisions.

  6. Ritchie, David, "Comets, The Swords of Heaven", New York, New American Library, 1985. See chapters 7-9.

  7. Calder, Nigel, "The Comet is Coming", New York, Viking Press. See chapter 7, "Coffin of the Dinosaurs".

  8. Allenby, Michael, and Lovelock, James, "The Great Extinction", New York, Doubleday & Co., 1983. This book gives the most complete description of what an asteroid or comet collision would do to the earth.

  9. Sagan, Carl, and Druyan, Ann, "COMET", New York, Random House, 1985. See chapter 14, "Scattered Fires and Shattered Worlds" and chapters 15 & 16, "The Wrath of Heaven I & II" (funny that they should use that term for a comet collision!) This alone should be enough to enable readers to see that Revelation 8:7-9:2 is about a collision.

  10. Sagan, Carl, "COSMOS", New York, Random House, 1980. See chapter 4, "Heaven and Hell".

  11. Niven, Larry, and Pournelle, Jerry, "Lucifer's Hammer", New York, Fawcett Crest Books, 1977. Science fiction novel, and not wholesome reading, but this writer has been assured by a leading scientist in the field that the disaster described on pages 207-301 could really happen.

  12. Verschuur, Gerrit L., "IMPACT! The Threat of Asteroids and Comets", New York, Oxford University Press, 1996.

  13. Lewis, John S., "Rain of Iron and Ice, The Very Real Threat of Comet and Asteroid Bombardment", New York, Helix Books, 1996.

  14. Steel, Duncan, "Rogue Asteroids and Doomsday Comets", New York, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1995. Foreword by Arthur C. Clarke.

Some of these books may be available at

The final three books, all recent, present new evidence that shows that the probability of a collision big enough to cause a global catastrophe is much higher than previously thought, and that from a different scientific perspective in each book. It is ironic that the unsaved world is becoming increasingly alert to a serious threat, to which Christians are generally oblivious, but which is clearly prophesied in the Bible. The Church of Laodicea is in for a terrible surprise.

Update: 8/5/06. The author is happy to say that the Church is beginning to wake up to this possibility. See the advice at the bottom of this page.

Links: Updated 9/5/06

Spacewatch This is Dr. Tom Gehrels' "Spacewatch" program, the first organized search for asteroids and comets that could pose a danger to the earth.

Quantification of Near Earth Object Threat A scientific paper on the threat of asteroid collisions. Part  of an excellent Web site.

The Bang of an Asteroid and the Whimper for Global Warming (New) (PDF file). An abstract of an academic paper comparing the economic hazards of asteroid and comet collisions with the economic hazards of global warming. The author mentions the author of this site, and quotes the "A Mountain Burning With Fire" page as a reference.

Earth Impact Database Detailed, organized information about impact craters, including many pictures.

Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards  The NASA page on the general subject. Wide range of information and regular updates.

Near Earth Objects Information Center The British equivalent of the NASA site above. 

Traces of Catastrophe For those who want to give serious study to the subject. This is a NASA online textbook on cosmic collisions. PDF files; Acrobat Reader required.

You are also advised to go to Yahoo! and search with the words "asteroid collision" and "asteroid collisions". (The "s" at the end changes what you get.)

You further advised to go to Yahoo! or Google and do an advanced "All of these words" search with the words "asteroid, Bible, prophecy".

More books and links will occasionally be added to this page. 

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