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The Goals of This Ministry

The overall purpose of this Ministry is to help Christians, and anyone else who will listen, to be ready for the Great Tribulation.

To achieve that end, it is the Goal of this ministry, to communicate the principle points of the Main Message to the entire Christian world.

These are the ideas are contained in the four principle parts of the Main Message:

The Purpose of the Prayer Network

It has been the strategy of this ministry, from the very beginning, that the communicating of the Message to the Christian world will not be done as a commercial promotion. Rather, it will be done by Christians who hear about the Main Message on the Internet and/or from other Christians, passing it on to others. If enough Christians who take the Message seriously do so,  the spreading of the Message will grow geometrically, while not laying a heavy burden financially or in labor, on any particular Christian. In this way, the communicating of the Message will be a true movement of the Holy Spirit.

In the process, it is going to be very important for all Christians who are committed to passing the Message on to others to have prayer support from other Christians. If the Main Message is in fact a warning from the Lord, as this writer believes, then the devil will attack anyone who helps. They will desperately need prayer support. It is the primary purpose of this part of the ministry to provide that support. It has long since been noted by Christian leaders that nothing of any importance and significance in Christian ministry is accomplished without prayer.

Therefore, the Bread Upon The Waters International Prayer Network seeks God's blessing on the work of spreading the Main Message, and His personal blessing on all who are passing it on.

Two Bible verses relevant to group prayer are Amos 3:3 and Matthew 18:19;

"Can two walk together unless they are agreed?"

"Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven."

It is the intent of this writer that this Prayer Network be an effective arm of the overall Ministry. Therefore, it is essential that the people who participate in it share a common understanding of prayer. After the Second Coming, the Bible topic to which this writer has given the most study is prayer. Here, and in the accompanying booklet, what he has learned has been laid out as completely as time allows. Anyone participating, or interested in participating, in this Ministry should read one or the other.

The Strategy of the International Prayer Network

To this end, we engage in united intercessory prayer, accompanied by fasting. This is the most powerful spiritual weapon available to Christians.

The following pages that make up this section of the Web site will set forth a foundational teaching on prayer, plus a further exposition of the concept of united prayer and fasting. This form of Christian action is the basis for the title of this section of the site:

Prayer Wars

These pages are also available as a loose-leaf booklet that may be obtained at the e-mail address below.

This part of the site also includes a Prayer Requests page for posting prayer requests from members of the Network, and a Feedback page for posting answers to prayer reported by members.

Other relevant information may be contained in the Bread Upon The Waters Online Newsletter (link below), which will be regularly updated

We will begin the presentation of the doctrine of prayer on the following page,

What is Prayer?

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