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By Dave Burnett

Editor's Note: This page has been added to this site  to illustrate the fact that more and more Christians are realizing that Islam, and the Muslim states of the Middle East are the probable source of the Beast of Revelation. This possibility should be taken seriously.

When will this "hidden" beastís kingdom
be manifested?

There is a beast like image HIDDEN within the political borders of all Mid-east maps published since 1917! I believe this is one of the SIGNS IN THE EARTH mentioned in Acts 2:19-20, which will be revealed prior to Jesus return. Vs.19 And I will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath... Vs 20 ... before that great and notable day of the Lord come: The Lord revealed this hidden beast kingdom to me in 1994, after I had been intensely praying and studying God's Word on end time events. You see, this is actually Alexander the Great's latter kingdom prophesized in Daniel 7 and 8 (Dan. 8:23). It is the Islamic Kingdom that sits on 70% of the worlds known oil reserves, It's heart is IRAQ, and it's blood is OIL! Please get your own Mid-east map and uncover it for yourself. Once you see it, It's constantly on the news every day.

This beast began to rise on NOVEMBER 2, 2002, when TURKEY REPLACED IT'S SECULAR GOVERNMENT WITH IT'S NEW ISLAMIC GOVERNMENT, after being prophesized over 1900 years ago!!! The Lord woke me up that morning at 3:00 AM, and spoke these words in my spirit: AS THE HEAD GOES, SO THE BODY. I believe this is the reason TURKEY voted March 1, 2003 NOT TO ALLOW U.S. TROOPS TO FORM A NORTHERN FRONT IN TURKEY, IN ADVANCE OF THE COMING IRAQ WAR, THEREBY CREATING A DIPLOMATIC DISASTER AND MAJOR MILITARY SET-BACK FOR THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

I also believe this could have been the actual image John the Revelator was shown over 1900 years ago in Rev.13:1-4! Notice how this beast appears to rise out of the sea (Arabian Sea). The 7 heads and 10 horns are actually individual kingdoms within this beast kingdom. Notice the shape of the bearís foot (Yemen), attached to the connecting piece (Oman). The Lion's HEAD IS TURKEY, and the torso is composed of SYRIA, IRAQ, and IRAN, which is in the shape of a LEOPARD. In Daniel 11:43, the Scripture says this future beast will have power over the treasures of gold and silver... AND THE LIBYANS AND THE ETHIOPIANS SHALL BE AT HIS STEPS! Look on your map, and notice how Libya and Ethiopia look just like steps under the front paw and rear bears foot. Notice also how the Lord formed that raised section of land that resembles a catís paw resting on Libya. Now look at Afghanistan THE TAIL. Has Afghanistan come into focus since 9-11?

Now consider how this "leopard like beast" has MARKed the land God gave Abraham's descendants in Gen.15:18, and has claimed it as his own! A cat in the wild determines his property boundaries, by walking itís borders, and spraying a "scent" (or mark) on itís landmarks. When the LION of the tribe of Judah (Rev. 5:5) returns soon to take back his property that has been stolen from him, there is going to be the "mother of all cat fights" (Armageddon), and we know who will win, JESUS!

Now if you were a hunter and wanted to shoot that beast in the wild, where would you aim? You probably would take a HEART shot right? And where is the heart located on the map? That's right IRAQ, and since over 2/3's of the worlds known oil reserves lie under the sands of that beast, you could definitely say, as above, the blood of this beast image is OIL! Isn't it interesting that Saddam is a ruthless king over the "heart" of the gulf oil empire, who literally came from nothing (little horn?), and 66 years later is a multi-billionaire with over 70 palaces. He has the ultimate goal of unifying the Arab world, and marching into Jerusalem (Zec.12:2-3, Luke 21:20-24) to claim it as his own!

Every kingdom has a king over it, and this hidden beast kingdom is no exception. Now when this kingdom "sparks" the great tribulation (Mat. 24:21), it will be ruled by a Satanically indwelt (Rev.12:9, 12 & 1Peter 5:8) king empowered by the dragon, called THE BEAST or as some would call him antichrist. At this point I do not know if Saddam will be that person. It could be one of his sons or possibly another "little horn" (Dan.7:8) rising later. All I know as of this writing (03/14/03), WE APPARENTLY ARE GOING TO WAR SOON WITH SADDAM. Rev. 13:4 says of the future beast... and they worshipped the beast, saying Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make WAR with him? Time will tell if Saddam is the coming beast over this beast kingdom.

One more thought. The nature of a cat is that of a bloodthirsty killer. Even the smallest sweetest house cats have this predatory nature (1Peter 5:8) imbedded in every fiber of their being. In the wild, what happens when you corner a wild cat, and give him NO WAY OUT?

In His Service,

Dave Burnette

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