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Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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If we don't completely implement the ideas stated in the previous pages, and bring the ideas expressed in them to full fruition,
we can be sure of two things:

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The Tribulation will come...
And we will be in it...

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Here, in this final page, which, as this writer sees it, concludes the Message he believes God has given him to present to the Christian world, we come full circle. The Message started with the warning to BE READY!!!, because Jesus REALLY is coming soon. And we must end by coming back to that very point. The reason for being ready, it has been said, is not so you will be taken up in the Rapture (though that would be nice, if it happens, which this writer seriously doubts). It is for being able to merit divine protection when His wrath is poured out on the earth during the Tribulation.

Please note, once again, that this writer does not believe that a "Thy Kingdom Come Movement" will happen, or even that it will succeed if it starts. It must be said though, that if it does happen yet does not succeed, most of the people involved will have, by their involvement, virtually insured their being ready.

So it becomes necessary to review what this writer believes will happen. (For a much more complete presentation of this, see "The Great Tribulation" pages.)   And in the process, we reemphasize the "why".

The Why

It is the position of this Ministry that there will be several major reasons for the Tribulation. These are expounded more completely in the "Why There Will Be A Great Tribulation" page, but here is a brief summary of the reasons:

  1. 1. To punish the human race for it's sins.

  2. 2. To break the power of the nations, so they cannot resist the coming of the Kingdom.

  3. 3. To rid the earth of the technical civilization we have built, which is actually a subtle but very serious form of rebellion against God.

  4. 4. To chastise the Christians of the Church Age of Laodicea and bring them to collective repentance of their  pride, lack of unity, apostasy, compromise with the world, etc..

  5. 5. Last but not least, to bring the unsaved Jews back to God, at last collectively accepting their Messiah..

The What

The position of this Ministry on the Tribulation is that it will begin as a complete surprise, at a time when it looks like we are getting all the problems of the world, in the international sense, at least, straightened out.

There will be no Pre-Tribulation Rapture. All the Christians who aren't killed outright at the beginning will live at least to see the reign of the Two Beasts, and to respond to the ministry of the Two Witnesses.   Under their ministry, the surviving Christians will finally repent en masse and start really obeying God the way they should. Even if there is no "Thy Kingdom Come Movement" now, or there is and it fails, there will be one then. The difference is that its success will be in bringing about the actual Second Coming of Christ. As stated in the "Going Through The Fire" pages, the actual Second Coming will be the Lord's answer to the prayers of the surviving Christians.

As far as the material events, it is the position of this ministry that the Tribulation will go as follows:

  1. 1. An asteroid will collide with the earth,  probably striking in the northern Pacific Ocean, wiping out 1/3 of the human race and plunging the world into five months of near total darkness.

  2. 2. During that time, mysterious, probably demonic, locust-like creatures will sting the survivors in an extremely painful but non-fatal way. Only the Christians who are truly ready will be immune.

  3. 3. Around the time that the darkness ends, the "locusts" will disappear. But a mysterious "army", again probably demonic, will kill another 1/3 of the (original) human population. The only people who won't be vulnerable will be, again, the Christians who are truly ready. When this is over, 2/3 of the present human race will be dead.

  4. 4. The Two Witnesses will appear and preach a stern message of repentance. They will mainly target the surviving Christians who weren't ready, and the unsaved Jews. They will back up their witness with demonstrations of God's wrath, i.e. plagues! During their ministry, the unsaved Jews will turn to Christ, and the Christians who weren't ready will repent en masse. Even some Gentiles will get saved.

  5. 5. The Two Beasts (Not the "Antichrist"! There is no such person in the Prophecies.),  the king and the false prophet, will appear and begin deadly persecution of Christians, and anyone else who doesn't obey them. It is very likely that they will be ostensibly Muslims, and they will come to power via a revived Babylonian Empire. The false prophet will set up the image that comes to life, and also give out the infamous "Mark of the Beast".

  6. 6. The king will kill the Two Witnesses. After three and a half days, they will arise from the dead and ascend to Heaven. This will happen in Jerusalem, and will be followed by a local earthquake that heavily damages the city. When the Two Witnesses are gone, all opportunity for repentance and salvation is over. After that, it will be nothing but wrath until Armageddon.

  7. 7. Shortly after the ascension of the Two Witnesses, the sun will "go nova" (not "supernova"! It will be what is otherwise called a "helium flash".). This will be the worst part of the Tribulation materially speaking, involving unspeakable suffering by everyone still alive. Except maybe those few Christians who were truly ready. Fortunately, it should only last a few months, at most.

  8. 8. After the "nova", there will be a total  falling out between the Two Beasts and the leaders of traditional Islam. This will result in the Beasts destroying traditional Islam, highlighted by the nuking of Mecca.

  9. 9. The actual Second Coming of Christ will occur. This will be accompanied by a Resurrection of the Saints that may only be for true martyrs, and the Rapture of the surviving Christians. Note that by this time, there may only a few thousand scattered and hiding Christian survivors. See Daniel 12:7.

  10. 10. The Battle of Armageddon will be fought, as the Beasts attempt to overthrow Christ's Kingdom with military force. It will end with the total destruction of the Beasts' army and kingdom, and with the Beasts themselves thrown into Hell. Satan will be chained in the Bottomless Pit for a thousand years.

  11. 11. The true Millennium will begin.

Note two important things:

Only those Christians who are truly ready will escape the outpourings of God's wrath during the Tribulation. It is the position of this ministry that they will amount to less than one tenth of one percent of all Christians living when the Great Tribulation begins. The only way this can be avoided is if a real "Thy Kingdom Come Movement" happens now and succeeds.  Note that beyond writing these pages and posting them to the Web, this writer has no personal plans or intentions of attempting to bring this about himself. He is just, as in the rest of this site, "casting his bread upon the waters". He feels that relevant to this, that is all the Lord has called him to do. Frankly, he does not believe that there will be such a movement, and even if there is, it will probably fail. He believes that the Tribulation will come.

Second, it must be emphasized again that it will be the prayers of the surviving Christians that actually bring about the actual Second Coming. In fact, it will happen one way or another. In other words, it will happen if a "Thy Kingdom Come Movement" succeeds. If not, then under the fire of the Tribulation, the survivors will finally unite, spiritually if not materially, in total, from the heart, agreement about one important thing: They will want Jesus to come. It is doubtful that many Christians really pray for the Second Coming now. They will then. As also previously noted, for something to happen as a result of unity, all that people have to be united about is the effort to bring whatever to pass. During the Tribulation, especially the latter part, all Christians will really be, for one time, praying in unity, the first petition that Jesus told us to pray. There will be, in a way, a true "Thy Kingdom Come Movement" then.

And the Kingdom will come!


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Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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