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There has never been a time when there have been more reasons to expect the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to occur soon, on the basis of fulfilled Prophecy, as well as current events and other less known facts. Therefore, it has never been more important to be ready.

It is not unusual to hear a Bible teacher, or a preacher, or an evangelist saying that Jesus is coming soon and we have to be ready. However, it is unusual to hear someone saying something about exactly what we must do to be ready. The truth is, most Christians don't have a clue.

It was Jesus Himself who told us to be ready. He did not just so say so and leave it at that. He gave us some clear teaching about what we need to know and to do to be ready. Most Christians are somewhat familiar with the relevant passages of Scripture. However, they usually do not make the connection between those passages and being ready. In this site, the connection is made.

It is also important for us to know what we have to be ready for, and why. Knowing these things is part of being ready. For some Christians, it could mean the difference between heaven and hell. Yet many Christians are ill-informed about these things.

The message of Bread Upon The Waters Ministry is based on what Jesus said about these critical issues. This site is sharing a four part, Bible-based Main Message that deals with these issues, and is intended to help you to be ready. 

The Main Message

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Babel Rising

The Great

Strangers and
Pilgrims on the

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If you aren't a Christian, you are not ready, Period!

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