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Note: The links to Christian search engines have all been moved to a separate page.

The Web Sites listed here are all relevant to Second Coming Prophecy and/or Christianity generally. This ministry does not necessarily agree with everything said or done in these Sites.  Therefore, a brief critique is included with each link. Nevertheless, each contains material that in some way or ways compliments this site.


The Web site of this writer's friend, Hebrew scholar and international teacher - evangelist  J. Jacob Prasch. Though not specifically Prophecy oriented, it offers some of the best teaching on the Web.

Abrahamic Faith

One of the best sites that teaches that the Beast of Revelation will come from Islam. The principle author is a Muslim convert to Christianity. Offers a book and teaching on CDs, plus audio and video clips. Also contains some excellent material on other Christian issues. Heavy reading, but well worth visiting.

Pearl Of Great Value
An excellent, scholarly site devoted to the doctrine of holiness, that is, sanctification; well worth visiting.

An evangelistic site that offers free Bibles, and presents what amounts to a short but very well written course on what the Christian Faith is all about, including how to read the Bible. It belongs to other friends of J. Jacob Prasch, mentioned above.

Ex-Catholic For Christ

Not a Catholic-bashing site, but rather a beautiful site run by people who came to Christ from a Catholic background, and who are committed to upholding the Word of God. Also contains some great links.

The Words of Eternal Life

Just what it says. Both a Prophecy and Evangelism oriented site. Offers good articles, a message board, lots of links and other resources.

The Watchman Times

A site hosted by a Christian who has seen many of the same things about the fulfillment of Prophecy that the author of this site has seen.

End Times Prophetic Vision

This has to be one of the biggest collections of articles on Second Coming Prophecy anywhere on the Web; from every conceivable point of view. Even has an early version of the Main Message of this site (see 1996-97 Files and scroll down).

Bible Prophecy Revealed

A site that sets forth a view similar to that in this site about Islam in regards to Second Coming Prophecy. Well written, and worth visiting. Should especially be read by anyone who refuses to believe that the Beast of Revelation comes from Islam.

The Truth - Theological Stuff

Exceptionally scholarly articles on a number of theological issues, all relevant to things discussed in this Web site. See especially the page on the Probability Argument against Evolution, and the page on "Eternal Security"

Armageddon Books

An excellent online source for books on Second  Coming Prophecy. Probably the biggest selection of books on the subject available anywhere, covering just about every aspect and point of view.  Lots of Prophecy-related links too.

Love The Truth

An excellent site containing teaching on such topics as demons, the Holy Spirit, etc. While this writer disagrees with some of the author's views on Prophecy, he is in total agreement with the teachings in the rest of the site.

The Thomas Pages 

This has to be one of the most scholarly Prophecy sites on the Web.  Lloyd Thomas, the author of the site, has done his homework and then some. The site deserves serious study,  not just a visit. For those who believe in date setting, the "Chronicles of Confusion" is especially recommended.

Prophecy Made Easy

A site with a different but nevertheless Bible-based perspective on Prophecy. A good site for people just getting into the subject, and who need a good introduction to the subject of Second Coming Prophecy.

Global Good News

An Australian site with good articles and a page of good links.  Contains an in-depth and comprehensive presentation of the Gospel, in an unusual style. Deals with just about every relevant issue. Excellent site for someone to learn all about Christianity.

Allah Vs YHWH

An online article, just one long page of text, (53 pages when printed out, which is the best way to read it.) ) that presents a lengthy, detailed, and factual argument for why Islam is the true source of the "Antichrist". Supports the position on the subject in this Web site. See "The Two Witnesses Vs. The Two Beasts" in the "Great Tribulation section of this site.


This is the only Christian Web site that this author has found that supports his contention that Revelation 16 prophesies a solar "nova" event during the Tribulation. See "The Scorching Sun". They even have science links to back it up. Note that this writer definitely does not agree with all their conclusions, however. Some are off the wall.

Wildflower Meadow

New site, still under construction. Not prophecy oriented, but some anointed articles on Christian living. The Web site of the author of the "Prayer To Live and Love By" guest page.

Jesus One

Another prayer site. Offers a number of prayer related resources.

Eyedoctor's Page

This site is hosted by William Zambrano, MD. He is a Roman Catholic who is very interested in the Second Coming. His site offers much in the way of current information on the subject. If you e-mail him, he will put you on a distribution list to receive frequent updates on Prophecy-related news. Always interesting. But beware of his views on Mary, and his proclaiming that the Tribulation has already started.

Inside Eastwood's World of Prophecy

Has to be one of the coolest Prophecy-related sites on the Web. Some of the best material I've seen. Great graphics. The host "Eastwood" is supportive of this ministry. He also offers great, constant updates on Prophecy-related topics. The site provides excellent information about the false christ, and possible "Antichrist", "Maitreya". Great links, too.

Restoring The Vision

This is an on-line book, presenting an alternative, but Scripturally based prophetic scenario of the events related to the Second Coming, especially about what happens to the Church.

Special Interest Sites: 
The two following sites are atheist/anti-Christian. They are included for a very important reason. There are too many different, and frequently wacko prophecies, and interpretations of Prophesy, being bandied about these days by people who have the attitude that what they say is the very Word of God, and they can't be wrong. Yet many such prophecies and interpretations have already been proven wrong by history!!! As these sites demonstrate, the unsaved are quite aware of this. This constitutes a very bad testimony. These sites illustrate the harm that irresponsible handling of Prophecy can do. 

See also "The Proper Handling of Prophecy" in this Web site.

Bible Prophecy-L Homepage

A neat one. Offers a great e-mail newsletter on Prophecy and related topics. Also features a good list of prophecy related links. Worth a visit.


A salvation-oriented site that also includes a large body of solid Scriptural teaching on Roman Catholic beliefs. Note that this ministry does not agree with their position on Baptism.

Inner City Discernment Ministries

This is mainly about doctrinal error in the Charismatic movement. Scripturally sound material. It should be a must-visit for every Christian. Don't just give it a quick look. Take the time to learn what is really being said.

Apostasy Now!

Another site devoted to what is wrong with the Church today. Provides the deepest, and most complete analysis of the present spiritual condition of the Church that this writer has seen. Although a Pre-Trib site, the hosts agree with this writer's contention that very few Christians will be ready.

Asteroid and Comet Collision Links (see "A Mountain Burning With Fire")

Spacewatch This is Dr. Tom Gehrels' "Spacewatch" program, the only organized search for asteroids and comets that could pose a danger to the earth.

 Quantification of Near Earth Object Threat A scientific paper on the threat of asteroid collisions. Part of an excellent Web site.

."The Bang of an Asteroid and the Whimper for Global Warming" (pdf document-Acrobat Reader required). The page compares the economic hazards of asteroid collisions with the economic hazards of global warming. The author mentions the fact that there is a description of an asteroid collision in the Book of Revelation and quotes the "A Mountain Burning With Fire" page as a reference.

 Earth Impact Database Detailed, organized information about impact craters, including many pictures.

 Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards  The NASA page on the general subject. Wide range of information and regular updates.

 Near Earth Objects Information Center The British equivalent of the NASA site above.

 Traces of Catastrophe For those who want to give serious study to the subject. This is a NASA online textbook on cosmic collisions. PDF files; Acrobat Reader required.

You are also advised to go to Yahoo! and search with the words "asteroid collision" and "asteroid collisions". (The "s" at the end changes what you get.)

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