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A Mountain Burning With Fire

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The Problem

In the "Mountain Burning With Fire" page, it was said that people have lost fortunes by rejecting new ideas out of hand. This is not just this writers imagination. This page is included in this site to tell two real life parables; true stories of cases where this happened. The first was published in a major magazine some years ago. The second was something this writer personally witnessed, and it happened to Christians. These stories illustrate just how big a mistake rejecting new ideas out of hand can be. As stated in "The Proper Handling of Prophecy" page, what seems ridiculous, outrageous, or offensive to you may well be true. What seems good, reasonable and even desirable may turn out to be utterly false. This happens to be a Biblical pattern. So, again, "Prove all things. Hold fast that which is good." (II Thessalonians 5:21)

Story 1: Running Shoes

This story began, this writer believes, back in the 1960's (he doesn't remember exact dates, names or places, except the brand name which will be mentioned below.) One afternoon, following a track meet, a high school coach walked into the school's locker room to find his star runner sitting on a bench, crying and rubbing his shins. The coach realized that the boy was suffering from "shin splints", a very painful condition that effects runners, especially after a hard race. As he tried to comfort the boy, the boy made a comment that stuck in the coach's mind. He expressed a wish for better shoes.

The coach knew that the running shoes that were being used by his team were none too comfortable, but he also knew that there was nothing being made that was really better. He started thinking seriously about it, and came up with an idea for a new shoe design that he thought would be better. With the help of a cobbler (i.e. shoemaker) friend, he made a pair of shoes of the type he designed. They gave them to the boy to wear, and he loved them.

The coach realized that he had a breakthrough in his hands. He started writing to shoe manufacturers, telling them about the new shoe design and asking if they would be interested in manufacturing and marketing shoes of this type. He kept getting letters back that said, in so many words, "You stick to coaching, and we'll stick to making shoes". In other words, the shoe manufacturers didn't think the coach's idea was even worth even checking out. Because he wasn't in the business, they rejected his idea out of hand.

But the coach didn't give up. He knew that his new shoe design was better than anything then being made. So he kept writing letters. Finally, he found a small shoe manufacturer that was willing to give the idea a try. The company created a new brand name for the shoes, and put out a line of running shoes based on the coach's design. The new line created a revolution in footwear. The company became the largest manufacturer of athletic shoes in the world. To this day, it has the largest market share. The companies that rejected the coach's idea lost a multi-billion dollar bonanza.

The brand name of the new shoes, as you may have guessed, is...

Story 2:Gold Mining Futures

Back in the late 1970's this writer was working for a ministry in the Times Square area of New York City, called "The Lamb's". It was, at the time, a new ministry which had recently acquired a fair-sized building to use as its headquarters. It was heavily in debt, and because it was too new a ministry to have really established financial credibility, it was struggling to raise the funds to keep it going. Things were tough to the point that the staff often had to skip paydays because there was no money for the payroll.

Now at that time there was a man working for The Lamb's as a full-time volunteer by the name of William Horowitz. William was financially independent because he was a wizard at the commodities market. He got most of his income from speculating in commodities. This, financially, is one of the most risky ways of investing. People who speculate in commodities usually lose money. But he was making money at it.

It must be noted that William Horowitz was a strange character. He lived a very unorthodox lifestyle, and was very hippie-ish in his appearance. If you met him and didn't know him, you might have had difficulty in accepting him as either intelligent or Christian. But those who knew him well realized that he was intellectually brilliant and an exceptionally good Christian.

The day came that William Horowitz learned that the price of gold was going to be deregulated. For decades, the laws of the United States had fixed the price at $35.00 per ounce. William correctly anticipated a tremendous rise in the price of gold once the deregulation took place. Now it so happened that although The Lamb's was in debt, it had a cash "nest egg" of $50,000.00 that it was holding for really critical emergencies. William Horowitz went to the two principle leaders of the ministry, the director and the business manager, and explained the gold situation to them. They knew and understood him, so they went along with his plan. He was allowed to take the $50,000.00 dollars and invest it in gold mining futures.

Unfortunately, this was done without the full knowledge and consent of the ministry board members. When they heard about it; the members not knowing William Horowitz that well; they raised a ruckus and demanded that the money be given back immediately. William was compelled to sell his futures long before he was ready to do it. For all of that, after the fees and commissions were paid, the ministry netted a profit of about $500.00 on the deal.

But in the weeks that followed, the price of gold soared from $35.00 to more than $700.00 an ounce. Over twenty times the original price. Also, William had bought the futures on what is called "margin", which is to say, he basically got possession of them for what amounted to a down payment. He actually had purchased about $250,000 worth of gold mining futures. The value of those futures, had he held them until he was ready to sell, would have risen to over $5,000,000. If he had been able to wait until he was ready to sell, The Lamb's would have been able to net over $4,000,000 on the deal. This would have completely paid off the ministry's debts and would have paid for much needed repairs to their building as well. It would have also covered their back payroll and still would have left them with a much bigger "nest egg". By rejecting what they did not understand, the board members lost an incredible blessing.

Although The Lamb's survived and still exists, it has never become the ministry it was originally envisioned to be. The ministry lost its biggest opportunity when the Board of Directors wouldn't let William Horowitz follow through on his plan.

The Message of This Ministry

The message of this ministry is at odds with almost everything that has ever been previously taught on the subject of Second Coming Prophecy. This writer always admits that he could be wrong, and never asks anyone to make what he says a matter of faith. Yet he seriously believes that what is said here is more in harmony with both the Bible and reality than much of what is presently being taught as interpretation of Second Coming Prophecy.

Shoe manufacturers lost billions because they wouldn't listen to a new idea. The Lamb's lost a tremendous blessing when they wouldn't go along with a Christian's unusual wisdom.

And this writer can't resist adding one more little story. We'll call this one;

"High Tech Gadgets"

Some years ago, there were two engineers working for a certain technology company. They were very sharp guys, and they decided that a certain kind of "high tech gadgets" would play a big role in the future economy. So they went to the management of their company with a proposal to the effect that they should start a new department to develop, manufacture, and market these "gadgets". The management, however, didn't see things their way at all. This writer recalls that they literally laughed the two engineers out of their office.

Needless to say, this made the two engineers a bit angry. They were confident of the potential of these particular "high tech gadgets". So they decided that if their company wouldn't do what they proposed, they would. They "went out on a limb", borrowed as much money as they could, and started their own company. They had a rough time of it at first, but in the long time they did quite well. In fact, you would probably say, "very well".

The "high tech gadgets" are...

The two engineers are...
The name of their company is, of course...

Another multi-billion dollar bonanza lost because people weren't open to new ideas.

This Web site is full of new ideas.

Therefore, this writer's plea to you, the reader, is not to reject the message of this ministry out of hand. You don't have to believe it (except the "Strangers and Pilgrims" section - you should believe that). But you should know about it - just in case it turns out to be true. So take the time to read the Main Message pages, at least. Part of the message of this ministry is that most Christians will not be ready. If you reject this message out of hand because it's different, you may be losing the only real chance you may ever get to really be ready for the Second Coming.

So, again,

Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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A Mountain Burning With Fire

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