The Mystery  

UFOs: The Deadly Deception Part I

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UFOs constitute the greatest real mystery of our time.

Since the beginning of the modern UFO Phenomenon in 1947, down to the present, it appears that millions of people have had encounters with UFOs. These encounters have ranged from people simply seeing unusual lights in the night sky, to, for some, repeated UFO abductions. The abductions have included long conversations with "aliens", "medical examinations", sexual assaults, implants of foreign objects in the victims' bodies, and even supposed trips to other planets.

But that isn't all. UFOs have been photographed and filmed. They have been simultaneously observed visually and tracked by radar. They have landed and left material evidence of their landings on the ground. They have done physical injury, as well as severe emotional injury, to many people. Indirectly, at least, as in the "Heaven's Gate" tragedy, they have killed people. They have been linked to unexplained disappearances of people and aircraft. They are also believed to be connected to the mysterious appearances of "crop circles" and to ghastly livestock mutilations. They have become the basis of New-Age type UFO cults with hundreds of thousands of members. With the proliferation of inexpensive camcorders capable of producing high quality video images, additional evidence of their existence has been obtained. No one who is well informed on the subject can honestly deny that there is something real about them.

Moreover, students of the subject have found concrete reason to believe that UFOs, and "aliens", by other names, have been with us for a long time. People have been having experiences similar to UFO encounters since the dawn of recorded history, at least. It is only from ignorance or irrational, arrogant skepticism that a person could deny the reality of the overall phenomenon.

Many People Wonder:

"What are they? Where do they come from? Why?"

Another aspect of the mystery is the theory that "space aliens" have visited the earth in the ancient past. It has been speculated (and believed by some) that "aliens" were responsible for the development of human civilization, even to the point of having perhaps produced the human race by genetically engineering the human race from subhuman species, possibly even by interbreeding. They are believed to have given the humans the knowledge to build large ancient structures like the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge.

What is the Truth?

Those who are well informed on the subject do not generally believe that anyone has all the answers. But analyzing the phenomenon from a Christian perspective, while being well informed on the subject form a secular perspective, and knowing what secular experts - yes, secular, not Christian - have said, leads one to an inevitable conclusion:

The Entire UFO Phenomenon is a huge Satanic deception!

Note that this does not constitute a specific explanation of every UFO incident. There is no one cause of all reports. There can be no doubt that many UFO reports have been the result of misperception of ordinary things. It is also probable that events that have nothing to do with UFOs have been mistakenly linked to the phenomenon. There have been UFO hoaxes. The conclusion above refers to the whole, overall UFO Phenomenon, insofar as its basic origin and spiritual impact.

Not only are UFOs a satanic deception, but the phenomenon poses a real threat to Christians in several ways.

The entire phenomenon will be examined, and these issues discussed, in the pages that follow.

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