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 12/19/98 Relevant to the "UFOs": The Deadly Deception" pages: In the page entitled "The New Age-Occult Connection", mention is made of the "Face on Mars". This is a large landform that was photographed by a Viking spacecraft in 1976. In a region of Mars called Cydonia, the pictures show what appears to be a huge human face looking up into the sky. Not only that, but not far from the "Face" is a group of landforms that have been thought to be the ruins of a city. In the Viking photos, the landforms look like five-sided pyramids, and the "Face" vaguely resembles the Sphinx of Egypt. Cultists have claimed that there is a link between the two sites. That is, they say that the "aliens" or even Pre-Flood humans, who supposedly were responsible for the construction of the Pyramids and the Sphinx are also responsible for the "structures" in Cydonia. The trouble is, the artificial appearance of these landforms has reinforced belief in UFOs, especially the Ancient Astronaut Theory, and some off-the-wall "Christian" teaching as well.

There have also been repeated claims that there are other "alien" structures on Mars, and on the Moon. There are people who claim that NASA is covering up the knowledge of these structures, for whatever reason. This writer has studied some of the other photos in question, and is of the opinion that most of them show nothing that is recognizable as anything in particular. The ideas about them appear to be flights of fantasy. And that includes the supposed cover-up.

In the "Occult Connection" page referred to above, when first posted to the Web, it was said that the landforms on Mars are probably just anomalous (that is, very unusual) natural formations.

This writer has recently learned that NASA has posted new images of Cydonia on the Web. They were taken in mid 1998 by the Mars Global Surveyor space probe. These are much higher resolution, that is, far more sharply focused, images than those taken by the Viking craft. They have also been computer enhanced. These images confirm what was previously said in this site. The "Face" completely ceases to look like a face. The "pyramids" are obviously just mountains. In short, these new pictures prove the cultic ideas about the landforms to be total nonsense. If you would like to see some of these photos, click on this link. The links to the pages with the pictures are on the right side, one screen down. You will have to navigate "Back" to return to this page.

In deciding what to believe about anything that is in any way relevant to the Christian Faith, Christians should base their beliefs first of all on the Bible, and secondarily, where relevant, to orthodox science and history. That usually proves to be the safest route to the truth.

12/8/98 See the Prayer Requests and Feedback pages under "Prayer Wars" for some important news and an urgent prayer request.

12/5/98 Dear Visitor,
This is the first update in several months. This writer been going through a severe personal trial that has seriously hindered the work of the ministry. But things appear to be getting resolved, and it looks like the ministry will continue.

We have a major piece of news relevant to the Main Message:

Relevant to the Babel Rising situation, the construction of the Freedom International Space Station has begun. As this is written, American Space Shuttle Astronauts are in the process of joining together the first two of the many modules that will make up the Station. One very significant thing about this is that one of the modules is Russian and the other is American. These two nations were deadly enemies a decade ago. The Russian module is called "Zarya", which means "sunrise" and the American module is called "Unity". Someone seems to be trying to tell us something. This is a new beginning for the Space Age, and it is the result of humans acting in unity.

As stated in the "BABEL RISING!" page, human creativity is unlimited when we act in unity with unlimited communication. Because our creativity is corrupted by sin, it can be a threat to God's plan of salvation, especially when we act in unity. God confused the languages at Babel to disrupt human unity and thus limit human creativity. We are in the process of completely overcoming what God did at Babel, especially for purposes of science, business and education, and also for entertainment. The construction of this Space Station is the latest manifestation of our creative power when we act in unity. It also shows that for all the "wars and rumors of wars" we hear about, effective human unity is increasing.

As also stated in the "BABEL RISING!" page, space travel, and especially humans living permanently in space stations or on other worlds, are things that God will not allow us to do before the Second Coming (if ever). Yet, in spite of all the things that have happened to set us back, we are continuing to make progress in that direction. There is another factor that is changing that must be noted: One of the things that is presently holding back progress in space travel is the sheer cost of it. Right now, it costs an incredible $10,000.00 to put a single pound of payload into orbit. There are things going on, especially the development of new launch vehicles and technologies, that are expected to drop this figure by not less than 60%, and possibly, for some purposes, by as much as 99%, within the next 10 years. If this happens, and to some extent it almost certainly will, it will open the door to much faster actual development in space. And this will make it that much more certain that Jesus really is coming soon.

8/2/98 Relevant to the Babel Rising situation, "Business Week" magazine, in its July 27 issue, featured a cover story about doctors using laboratory-grown replacement parts for human organs, parts cloned from the patient's own cells. The story was highlighted with the account of a 16 year old boy who was born without some of the bones in his chest. He got bones made in a laboratory implanted in his chest to replace the missing one, and the laboratory-grown bones work. Note that this isn't using plastic or metal to replace bones; this is using live human tissue grown in vitro!

Understand that this article was approaching the subject from the standpoint of seeing this as an investment opportunity, so they weren't discussing this lightly, or being sensationalistic. They said, in fact, that this could become an $80 billion dollar a year business.

So far, this is only being done with skin and bone, but work is being done on developing all kinds of variations on the same basic biotechnology. They even are trying to produce laboratory-grown hearts, again, using the patient's own tissue as the "seed".

No one can doubt that this may become a medical blessing to many people, as it already has to the boy mentioned above, who is now able to live a normal life because of the bone implant. But this happens to be a major step toward the violation of the Second Prohibition of Babel Rising: Giving humans at least significantly extended lifespans, and possibly biological eternal life. It is one more reason to be sure that Jesus REALLY is coming soon!

7/5/98 With this update, we introduce the International Prayer Network, a prayer chain dedicated to people who are involved in helping to pass on the Message of Bread Upon The Waters Ministry. If you have done anything at all to help, and haven't let this writer know, please do, and feel welcome to join the Network. Members will be able to submit prayer requests that will be posted on a special "Prayer Requests" page, and will be encouraged to report answers to prayer, which will be posted in a special "Feedback"  page. Online members are also encouraged to recruit members who are not online. There will be some offline members right from the start. We will keep in touch with them by S-mail and the telephone.

Note: The requests will be screened, and any request that is considered not in harmony with sound Biblical doctrine and/or the doctrinal positions of this ministry will not be posted.

Pursuant to this, a whole new set of pages has been added to this Web site. It consists mainly of "Prayer Wars", a set of how-to pages on united prayer and fasting. The idea is that to be effective, the members of the Network should share a common understanding of prayer. These pages are meant to provide that. After Second Coming Prophecy, the one Biblical topic to which the Lord has most drawn this writer's attention is prayer. In these pages, what the Lord has shown him about this is shared. See especially, "United Prayer and Fasting".

Other Current Issues:

This writer has had a number of other relevant issues called to his attention by supporters of this ministry. It is beyond his ability to comment at length on any of them. but brief mention of all will now be made:

5/22/98 This writer was very upset to receive, this week, a lengthy e-mail message from an individual to whose Web site this site was formerly linked. The link to that site has been removed, because the letter contained a blatantly heretical message to the effect that God is going to declare "Mary" a "Co-Redemptrix". This Ministry cannot be seen as in any way supportive of such serious falsehood. This is a major example of the fact that the entire "Mary" phenomenon is "another gospel" (Galatians 1:8 & 9), and a major part to the "strong delusion" (II Thessalonians 2: 11) that God sends in the End Times.

But the devil didn't make this move without the Lord making a counter-move. A new contact has recently been made with Francois, a brother in South Africa who is very supportive of this Ministry. He wrote an HTML document in which he presented an excellent Scriptural critique of another Catholic e-mail document that we had both received. He sent the HTML document to this writer. This writer had wanted to create a similar article, but had not had time. With the permission of the author, that document has been added to this site as the first guest page. Anyone who gives any credence to Roman Catholic dogma, as opposed to the Scriptures, should read "Comments on Compilation 8".

This writer wishes inform all readers that he is willing to add guest pages from other Christian writers to this site, given that the material is Scriptural and completely in harmony with the overall message of this site. Pages will be subject to editing and formatting, but will not be added to the site without the writer's approval of the changes. Of course, the writers will be expected to become fully participating members of the movement to spread the Main Message of this Ministry to the entire Christian world. This writer reserves the right to refuse to post any pages that contain ideas that he considers erroneous or misleading. Send documents to bready@interport.net .

5/16/98 There has been a new, major addition to this site: An extended, multi-page version of the opening Main Message page, "Jesus REALLY is...". Jesus REALLY is...". It contains additional information about what the term "Second Coming of Christ" really means, and a page that presents the reasons why there will be a Great Tribulation.

There has been so much lately happening that seems to be Second Coming Prophecy - related that one wonders if the Tribulation is coming even sooner than this writer expects. There may be another big comet headed our way, and this one may be on a collision course. There has been a big increase in the number of large meteors observed around the world in the past few months. Scientists are worried, because the really big ones - the asteroids - can be in the company of these "fire balls". The secular world is being prepared mentally to accept a big collision as just horrendous bad luck of the whole world, rather than seeing it as the wrath of God. The movie "Deep Impact" is a box office hit.

Meanwhile, the peace process in Israel is breaking down, and the world - even the United States - seems to be turning against Israel in their dispute with the Palestinian Arabs. No less a person than Hillary Clinton has publicly called for a Palestinian state. This is not good.

Meanwhile, the false christ, Lord Maitreya, believed by some well - informed Christians to be the "Antichrist", is said to be increasing his public profile. (He could be the False Prophet, but "Antichrist" is the wrong word. See "Will The Antichrist Come From The New Age Movement".

The times are getting scary. It is more important than ever to be ready.

4/28/98 It appears that God is going to give us another warning about the direction from which the beginning of the Tribulation will come. Yesterday, an article was released by the Associated Press that told of scientists discovering that later this year the earth will be hit by a couple of meteor storms. They are not expecting the storms to do any harm to the earth, but they are afraid that important communications satellites may be damaged. What make this all interesting is it's relevance to prophecy.

First of all, what is a "meteor storm"? You have probably heard the term "meteor shower"; as we experience it, it's a period of time, usually a few days, when an unusually large number of meteors enter the earth's atmosphere. So let's back up and ask, "What's a meteor?" First, to be precise, there are three terms we must consider: meteor, meteoroid, and meteorite. A meteoroid is a small rock, often no bigger than a grain of sand, and seldom much bigger than, say, an automobile, that orbits the sun, usually in what is called an eccentric, that is, elliptical orbit. There are probably billion upon billions of them out in space. Most of them are part of swarms (also called "showers") of them that follow particular orbits. The orbits of many of these showers have been tracked, and the times when they will produce "meteor showers" on earth are predictable. When a meteoroid hits the earth's atmosphere, it burns up rapidly (unless it is exceptionally large) from friction with the atmosphere. This is because it is going so fast, as much as 40,000 mph. This produces the dazzling site we call a "meteor". That is, precisely. a "meteor" is a "meteoroid" burning up in the upper atmosphere. If the "meteoroid" is large enough that some of it survives the burning and hits the ground, what is found on the ground is a "meteorite".

Okay. So much for the science lesson. In normal meteor showers, the number of meteors seen each hour may be say, 50 to 200. But in a meteor storm, caused by an exceptionally dense stream of meteoroids, the figure multiplies by a factor of 100 to 1000. It is really a spectacular site. These events are rare, and they rarely do any significant damage on earth. But out in space the story can be different. Because of their speed, even a tiny meteoroid hitting a satellite can be as bad as an artillery shell. With that many coming, the chances of a hit on a satellite are very good. There was a European satellite knocked out by a meteoroid some years ago. There are far more satellites now, and we are more dependent on them for communication and navigation than we were then. That's why scientists are worried.

Now, the relevance to Prophecy: In Revelation 6:13, there is a description of a meteor storm. Now, this is not to say that the storm coming this fall is the one in Revelation 6. No, but it is a warning. God is trying to wake Christians up to the danger. According to one of the books in the Tribulation Bibliography, "Rogue Asteroids and Doomsday Comets", there is scientific reason to believe that objects big enough to do real damage travel in the streams of meteoroids that cause the showers and storms. The one in Revelation 6:13 will accompany the object that constitutes the "Mountain Burning With Fire" (see page).

Furthermore, there is also some excitement in scientific circles over "tornadoes" that have been observed in the sun in the last few years. They can cause problems, too. They can disrupt electronic communications and cause freaky weather on earth. During the third part of the Great Tribulation, the Sun will cause big problems. See the section about "The Scorching Sun."

The problem is, while the secular world is becoming increasingly aware of the threat from space, and it is prophesied in the Bible, Christians are still frequently refusing to believe it. So please, check out the pages, take heed, and pass the Message on.

4/11/98 It appears that the old rumor about a supercomputer called "The Beast" which is supposedly in Brussels, Belgium is going around again. Furthermore, I understand that someone has actually gone so far as to publish a book about it. This writer has known about that rumor since the early seventies. Simply and flatly, the supercomputer does not exist! The story began with a fictional movie that was made in the late sixties. It was about what happens after a supposed Pre-Trib Rapture. A woman in California who saw the film wrote a letter about "The Beast" to the Moody Monthly, a Christian magazine, erroneously assuming the computer was real. The magazine mistakenly published the letter as a real news item. They should have known better. Other people have repeated and embellished the rumor since. Hence the renewed rumor. This has brought a lot of ridicule to Christians. See "Report on the Stupider Effect".

Any person who accepted living in a world that was economically controlled by just one computer would have to be out of his mind. Computers are not foolproof. They "crash", they "lock up", they get "viruses". Hackers get into them. Even mainframes! In fact, a recent issue (3/23/98) of "Internet Week", a trade paper, has a feature article that says that computers are more vulnerable to hackers and viruses now than ever!

One of the main reasons for the Great Tribulation is to take our technical civilization away from us. See "Babel Rising" There is nothing in the Bible to suggest that either the Beasts or the Mark will have anything to do with computers. Saying that they do is reading something into the Bible that isn't there. See Revelation 22:18 & 19. Of course, it can't be absolutely said that they won't, but nothing in the Scripture requires it.

3/30/98 This writer has been receiving negative feedback by e-mail because, in the "Great Tribulation" page, he identifies Mystery Babylon as a revived Babylonian Empire dominated by Islam . The objections have come from people who insist on identifying the Pope as the "Antichrist". These people have accused this writer of error and "false premises", and of "overlooking" or "ignoring" the Church of Rome. It is this writer's contention that these people, and too many other Christians, have ignored or overlooked Islam. Christians are blissfully ignorant of the threat - and then some - that Islam has been to Christianity since its very beginning. Because of this feedback, a new page has been added to this site, "Will the "Antichrist" be a Pope?" The page in its present form is temporary, and will be revised later. It will take some time and work, but this writer intends to present a table of information - checkable facts - to show why, in reality, Islam is a much better candidate for being the source of the Beasts than the Church of Rome.

This is not sympathy for Roman Catholicism. This ministry views the historical Church of Sardis (Revelation 3:1-6) as the Catholic Church of the Renaissance. It ended with the beginning of the Reformation. (The Church of Philadelphia was the Protestant Church of the Reformation.) Since that time, in God's sight, the Roman Catholic Church has not been spiritually part of the true Church. Roman Catholics, generally, are those who "say they are Jews and are not..." (Revelation 3:9). That is, they are pseudo-Christians. The Catholic Church has substituted the word of man; so-called "sacred tradition" for the authority of the Word of God (see Matthew 15:7-9). It has substituted "sacraments" for saving grace. It has, to all practical purposes substituted the idolatrous "veneration" of "Mary" for the true worship of God (see the 'Cult of "Mary"' page). For all that, as Jesus said of the Church of Sardis, "You have a few names even in Sardis who have not defiled their garments..." (Revelation 3:4). Which is to say that there are still some true Christians in the Roman Catholic Church. That is why this writer has links to Catholic sites in his "Links" page. To his perception, the people who host those sites are Christians.

But just because the Catholic Church overall is not part of the true Church does not make it Mystery Babylon. There are far more reasons to identify Islam with Mystery Babylon than have yet been presented in this site. It seems imperative to put in more. It will be done. For now, understand this: there is a war going on that began at an oasis called Bedr north of Mecca in 624 A.D. It is spiritually a war between God and Satan, and it manifests itself materially as a war between Islam and Christianity, and anything even remotely connected with Christianity. This war will end with the Battle of Armageddon.

3/15/98 The "asteroid scare" has been officially called off. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - actually a prestigious scientific operation that deals with many areas of research relevant to space travel - issued a statement to the effect that the asteroid would miss us by 600,000 miles and the probability of a collision is zero. They claim to have examined older photographs of the asteroid and to have made better calculations of its orbit. However, there are three points to be made about this:

3/12/98: A news report on CBS this morning, and in other news media world wide, announced the discovery of an asteroid that will give the earth at least a dangerously close shave in 2028 AD. The problem is, that is plus or minus 180,000 miles. Which means that it could collide with the earth. The asteroid is a mile wide, and if it hits the earth, it would be the greatest catastrophe in recorded history. Scientists are seriously worried about it. They will be keeping a close watch on it, and if it seems that the chance of a collision has become greater, something might be done to try to stop it. If you have read the "A Mountain Burning With Fire" section of the "Great Tribulation" page, you know that this ministry is predicting such a collision at the beginning of the Great Tribulation, on the basis of Revelation 8:7-9:2, especially 8:8. The date is actually a little later than what the author of this site expects, but it is well within the parameters set forth in the "BABEL RISING!" page. This may not really be the "Doomsday Rock", but this report shows that the possibility is real.

The "Great Tribulation" page also says that "Mystery Babylon" is a revived Babylonian Empire that is dominated by Islam. The latest issue of Newsweek (March 16) contains an article that relates Saddam Hussein's Iraq to Babylon, and makes a point of the fact that Baghdad is in fact a second Babylon. It likens Hussein to Nebuchadnezzar.

This, however, doesn't mean that Hussein is the Beast. He is probably only nominally Muslim. It is likely that the Beast will be a fundamentalist Muslim. Well, the United States is trying to get rid of Hussein. In the pursuit of this goal, the U.S. Government is patching up relations with Iran! And the U.S. is supporting a rebel Iraqi Shiite! (Newsweek, March 9). In other words, Saddam may, in the not too distant future, have a successor who is a Fundamentalist Muslim.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi people are really suffering as a result of the economic sanctions against Iraq. Newsweek compares Iraq to Germany after the First World War. The Allies made Germany accept economic sanctions that impoverished the Germans. The result was an angry German people who willingly followed Hitler into World War II. Will the present situation create an angry people who will follow the Beast to Armageddon?

The fact that these things are happening reinforces this author's contention that the prophetic scenario presented in these pages is more in harmony with both the Scriptures and reality than much of what is presently being taught and written about Prophecy.

3/5/98: Saddam Hussein is said to have had people dancing in the streets in Baghdad after the agreement was reached that stopped the United States from bombing Iraq. He was taking the position that the agreement was a victory for Iraq. U.S. officials and mass media tried to downplay this idea, but it may have been more of a victory for Hussein and the spiritual forces behind him than most people would believe. Did you notice that some of the same nations that rallied behind the United States in the Gulf War were very outspoken in opposing the bombing. Russia was at least verbally supportive of the Allied position in the Gulf War, but a Russian military officer threatened to bomb the U.S. if the U.S. bombed Iraq. What we are seeing here is the most visible manifestation yet of the rising of the new Babylonian Empire predicted in the "Three Woes" section of "The Great Tribulation" page.

In the Book of Revelation, one of the attributes of the Beast is that no one can make war against him. See Revelation 13:4. Understand, the U.S. wants to bomb Iraq to take away their ability to manufacture terror weapons. Particularly biological weapons. These weapons could very likely give military supremacy to "Mystery Babylon" if the United States was out of the way, as is also predicted in "The Great Tribulation" page.

It may just be that Saddam's arsenal of these weapons is even more dangerous than the UN inspectors are telling us, and the reason that Saddam wouldn't cooperate with them was that they were about to discover proof. According to an article in the March 1998 issue of "The American Spectator" magazine, Iraq possesses the deadly biological weapon known as "Yellow Rain". The Soviet Union is known to have used this against anticommunist insurgents in Laos and Afghanistan, but they stopped it because of U.S. protests. It is not only possible that Hussein has it, but that he used it against American troops in the Gulf War. This is actually a group of biological toxins that are produced by fungus. They are called trichothecenes, part of a larger group known a mycotoxins. Trichothecenes have much the same effect as the notorious mustard gas of WWI, but they are forty times stronger. Furthermore, if different types are combined, the effectiveness increases. In large doses, they kill within minutes. Even a mild dose would disable an unprotected victim. There are no vaccines or direct antidotes.

Saddam has used such weapons before. If he thinks he can get away with it, he will do it again. Note that I am not saying that he is the Beast. He may be. But if he isn't, he may be creating a lethal legacy for the Beast to use. Part of the power of the Beast may be the ability to wield some of the most terrifying weapons ever created. And the United States is already becoming powerless to stop it. So.....BE READY!!!


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