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Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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About This Ministry

Online Newsletter (In this issue, discussing belief in the "Illuminati" as opposed to the belief expressed in this site that the Beasts of Revelation 13 will come from Islam)

Articles Related to "Babel Rising!"

When Will Jesus Come Again? 

The Doomsday Factors

Can The Church Survive?

How God Works In History

BABEL RISING! Sets A Deadline (Current preparations to build colonies on the moon set a deadline for the Second Coming)

2012, The Mayan Calendar, and the Second Coming Of Christ (the author's answer to the present hysteria about 2012)

The 5-21 Falsehood: What is the Truth? (A reply to the current [January, 2011] hysteria about the world ending on May 21, 2011.)

The Present Economic Recession: Is this the economic collapse that Christian leaders have been predicting?

Articles About The Great Tribulation

Before The Tribulation: What should we expect?

A Mountain Burning With Fire (how the Great Tribulation will begin)

That Was Then, This Is Now ("A Mountain Burning With Fire" update)

Lost Fortunes (real life parables about the potential cost of rejecting new ideas)

Great Tribulation Bibliography  (books and links, mainly about asteroid and comet collisions)

Great Tribulation Overview  (an outline of the Great Tribulation)

The Hidden Beast (Guest Page)

Is The Book of Revelation Symbolic?

Will The "Antichrist" Come From The New Age Movement?

Will The "Antichrist" Be A Pope?

The Proper Handling of Prophecy  

Who is the Antichrist?  

Israel in Prophecy

Articles About Being Ready

The Best To You In Warning

Not Appointed To Wrath?

One In A Thousand (Guest Page)

Date Setting VS Being Ready!!!  

Be Ready!!! Checklist

Never Assume You're Ready!!!

Suffering: The Lost Paradigm  (Guest Page)

Why Should You Believe The Bible? (multi-page document)

What's Worth Arguing About?

Who Has The TRUTH? (Guest Page - a sequel to the page above.)

The Celebration Of Christmas: Right Or Wrong? (an appendix to "What's Worth Arguing About?")

Love One Another

Keeping My Brother's Money

Report On "The Stupider Effect"

Articles About Prayer

Prayer Wars: The International Prayer Network (multi-page document).

Eight Priorities of Intercessory Prayer

Prayer to Live and Love By (Guest Page)

General Topics

The Gospel According To J.R.R. Tolkien - a special comment by William D. Brehm, a long term "Lord of the Rings " fan.

Where Have We Seen This Lion Before? - a special comment by William D. Brehm, a long term C. S. Lewis fan.

Main Message Summary

Why I Believe: The Personal Testimony of William D. Brehm

Why I Am Sure That I Am Right
(A Personal Statement by the Author)

Creation Vs. Evolution: An Open Letter

UFOs: The Deadly Deception  (multi-page document)

The Cult of Mary

Comments on "Compilation 8" (Guest Page - a response to Roman Catholic teaching )

Thy Kingdom Come.
    A Call To Really Take The World For Christ (multi-page document)

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