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Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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The Foundation

Prayer is the very foundation on which our relationship with our God is built on. From the very first time our heart cried out to God for what ever our need was at the moment to the day we pass from this life to the next, prayer is the absolute connection in our relationship with God.

Prayer is our line of communication with our Heavenly Father. There are times it is only uttered within the silence of our spirit. Other times it is spoken out loud. As our relationship with God grows and matures, our prayer life takes on deeper dimensions. Let me say here that the Father’s heart is as moved by the sincere prayer of a small child as much as it is by the prayer of the seasoned saint. It is always a matter of our heart, for He always looks upon the heart.

The deeper dimensions come as we grow in our understanding of God and His ways. He has given the Holy Spirit to enhance our prayer life.

"If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him." (Luke 11:13)

What a gift! Through the Holy Spirit and His wonder workings in us, prayer becomes a joy not a chore. It becomes the most desirable aspect of our Christian walk. Prayer should never be a burden even though we many times receive burdens to pray. Beloved, without the Holy Spirit prayer can be empty, discouraging, and fruitless. We are admonished to "pray with the Spirit." (1 Corinthians. 14:14) and "in the Spirit. (Ephesians 6:18).

It is the work of the Holy Spirit in us that draws us into deeper desires for more of Him. The longings of our heart become more and more focused in loving Him more and more. Our prayer becomes intimate communion with our Father. Worship breaks loose in our inner most being and rivers of living waters begin to flow (John 7:38) in our expressions. True worship is spirit to Spirit communication.

As we yield more and more to the Holy Spirit, our prayer times become beautiful times of expressions of our love to God just because HE IS–we seek His Face more than His Hand. Even though He is always willing to listen, He can only respond according to His Will and He can only answer prayers that are prayed. So we need to initially pray for His revelation in what He wants us to pray.

Love is always a factor. It was His Love that sent Jesus to the Cross that made the way for us to even have the right to approach Him. It is His Love that seeks to form and fashion us to become like Jesus. It is His Love that chastens us. His love which is called Agape Love is always looking out for what is best for us. Eros love is a self-seeking love. It is a love that extends itself expecting something in return. If our intercession on behalf of others is directed to change them for our benefit to make our life and situations easier, then our love for them is Eros and we are coming to God in Eros not Agape.

When our love for him flows from Eros to Agape, we are consumed in His Presence. Agape Love is unconditional never wanting anything in return. May our hearts be humble enough to let Him show us the motive and intents in our prayer life.

 May the cry of our hearts ever be;

"Lord, let my love for you and your people be as you commanded"-

"Love one another as I have loved you".

(John 13:34; John 15:12).

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