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Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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What United Prayer and Fasting Can Do

Years ago, from several dramatic experiences, the Lord showed this writer that there is awesome power in any ministry that combines united prayer and fasting with evangelism. The unity and repentance called for in the previous page are the foundational requirements for doing this, but it  takes the prayer, fasting and evangelism to bring about the external results.

A couple of the relevant experiences are described in the "United Prayer and Fasting" page. In those two incidents, this writer saw the power of God demonstrated in ways that have never been equaled in his life before or since.

In that same page, there is a table which is reproduced here. This table is a mathematical progression based on Leviticus 26:7 & 8.  It tells what the relative power of Christians praying in unity is. As stated there, you will notice that the number of prayer warriors in the bottom row is only 800,000, but they, through  power in prayer can chase more than the present human population of the earth.

Prayer Warriors

Can Chase

Relative Power



















Understand though, that in the spiritual context, it would not be people we would literally be chasing. We would be chasing Satan's "principalities and powers" (Ephesians 6:12); his "rulers of the darkness of this world". And in chasing them, we would also be effectively chasing away the darkness, and we would be really, spiritually, turning on the lights. This would free the sinners of the world, including many so-called Christians, from the deception of sin and open their eyes to the truth of the Gospel.

Speculative Note: Relevant to this, it would be interesting, and perhaps encouraging to know how many individual Satanic beings we would be fighting. There is a possible clue to this ( though it is by no means certain that this is true)  in the Bible. It is found in Revelation 5:11, which gives the approximate number of angels in Heaven. The number is expressed as "ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands;". It is also believed, on the basis of Revelation 12:4, that a third of the total number of angels fell with Satan (the word "stars" is sometimes used in the Bible to mean "angels"). So if the approximate number above is two thirds of all angels, then we can calculate a number for how many fallen angels  constitute the "principalities and powers"   we have to chase. The approximate number of fallen angels comes out to be only about 50 - 55 million. Which means that even a committed group of only 40,000 Christians could possibly carry out a successful "Thy Kingdom Come Movement". 800,000 definitely could do it. The trick is to get the 40,000 together. This writer estimates that there are probably about 300,000,000 Born Again Christians in this world. Getting 40,000 together for this seems to look easy. But there is so much division, apostasy, and compromise with the world in the Church today that this writer doubts it will happen.

This does not mean that all sin would end. But it would mean a total end to all temptation that genuinely comes from the spiritual realm, and there is an enormous amount of that going on. It would mean a complete end to all demon possession and demonic oppression, and there is probably more of both happening than even most Christians would believe. It would also mean an end to all satanic deception, and there is an enormous amount of that going on now, too. Eliminating these things would result in a massive reduction in the amount of sin and suffering in the world, even without a soul getting saved. It would also open the way for a far greater level of unity in the Church.

It would also bring about such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon this world that many, many people would get saved. Hundreds of millions, at least.

For Christians, this would mean true revival, and then some. It would mean that they would begin to really  "be filled with the knowledge of his (God's)  will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;"  (Colossians 1:9) and they would start to really act on it.

For the unsaved, of course, it would mean salvation.

For many, saved and unsaved, it would mean freedom from demonic oppression and possession.

For the world as a whole, it would mean "Peace on earth, Good will to men".

Evangelism Must Be Done With It

But understand this, prayer alone will not accomplish what has to be done. There must also be mass evangelism in connection with this. In both of the incidents referred to above, there was evangelism effectively related to the prayer and fasting. In one case, evangelism was the natural consequence of a "marathon" prayer meeting being held publicly. In the other, it was organized opposition to a major cultic event.

So in addition to being prayer warriors, the people involved will have to become on-fire Christian activists. And that in a strictly Scriptural way. This is to say that they must not do things their way. They must do them God's way. As stated in the "Parable of the Talents" page, doing something as ministry for which there is no Biblical commandment or precedent may be a very serious sin, yea to the point of bring God's wrath on those who do so. Yet many Christians are doing just that, wasting their time and energy doing as ministry things that God has not commanded. See also "The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats".

One thing that anyone who commits him or her self to this is that it is going to be a war, and there will be casualties, that is to say, martyrs, and there will be people who will defect to the enemy. The kind of thing we are talking about will provoke deadly persecution, even in places where it is not happening now. It will also bring severe trials upon those involved, and some will fall away because of trials, even to the point of becoming overtly anti-Christian.

So, Let's Get Started:

United Prayer and Fasting

So, the first thing that has to happen is for Christians to start fasting and praying in unity. This unfortunately, is not as simple as it sounds. There are a number of things that must be taken into consideration if this is going to be done effectively. If any of the readers are thinking of doing this, you should read the entire "Prayer Wars" and "Strangers and Pilgrims on the Earth" sets of pages. You have to do this in accordance with the principles of Christian obedience and effective prayer laid down in those pages. It would probably only take a small group to get it started. If you have a prayer group that happens to be composed of some exceptionally committed Christians, you could start it. 

The Christians doing this must understand from the word "Go" that they are uniting in prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commission, for the first petition of the Lord's Prayer to be fulfilled, fully understanding the implications of that request. In the process of this, they should be praying for other Christians to join the movement, and they should be praying for people to be saved. They should learn to pray "imprecatory prayer" against the works of the enemy (I John 3:8). They must fast as well as pray, and covenant together to spend times in united prayer and fasting. They must also be diligent in supporting each other through intercession, and be willing to go out of their way to be servants to each other otherwise.

It may be possible for something like this to happen with as little as two or three participants, but, again,  it is more likely that it would take at least twelve to really get it started with enough power to make it work. Frankly, this writer wonders whether it would be possible to find even twelve Christians who meet the basic criteria who would do this.

What form should the evangelism take?

Door To Door Evangelism

Believe it or not, the methods of evangelism most likely to be effective are two things that are frowned upon by many Christians. Holding big, showy evangelistic meetings will not cut it. The first is door to door evangelism. This takes some wisdom and courage, but it works. Just ask the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Mormons and the Moonies. You simply, where possible, go to the door of a stranger's home, knock, and if someone answers, courteously tell them why you are there and ask to talk with them about Jesus. Take it from there.

Street Evangelism

The second is street evangelism. This is not talking about some individual ranting and raving on the street, or as happens in New York City, on the subway. Nor is it simply handing out tracts, though that should be done if at all possible. This is talking about street meetings that have are held by a group of people. In such meetings, one or two of the people should be the leaders and the others should function as a "seed" audience. Nothing gathers a crowd like a crowd. The use of music and singing helps to gather a crowd. There should be short, 3 to 5 minute sermons, no longer. People won't stay around to listen to more. Each one should make just one salvation-oriented point. One note, based on experience: I advise against using portable sound systems. The use of such things can involve legal regulations, and they can give the devil some excellent opportunities to disrupt your meetings. And a bad sounding system is actually counterproductive. The Apostles did just fine without sound systems. So will you.

Beyond that, it should take the form of what Campus Crusade for Christ has long referred to as "Way of Life Evangelism". What it basically amounts to is just witnessing to anyone you have an opportunity to witness to in the normal course of your life. Be assured that most Christians don't even do that.

Handing Out Tracts

Handing out tracts is, sometimes, an effective way of spreading the Gospel. But note the "sometimes". Believe it or not, the difference, most often, is in how the tract is formatted and composed. Some well meaning Christians publish tracts that contain a lot of small print, and/or that have threatening titles. Tracts that fulfill either criterion are likely to wind up on the sidewalk or in a trash can (dust bin, to the British) if  handed out on the street. The best tracts are ones that are short, text-wise, and graphics - intensive; that is, they make the use of pictures, especially cartoons, a major part of the tract. A little humor is also useful, but should not be overdone. The emphasis should be on salvation, though Prophecy can be the topic, provided the message and title are not threatening to the unbeliever.

The most effective tracts I have seen are the Jews For Jesus "Broadsides", and other tracts using the same style, and, to give credit however grudgingly, Chick Comic tracts. However, in the latter case, I warn all Christians against using any of Jack Chick's material except those tracts that deal with and only with salvation. I warn you that in he is in some ways seriously in error, and you don't want that to be passed to the unsaved. There are other similar tracts published.

It would also help to know how to use booklets like Campus Crusade's "Four Spiritual Laws". But understand that such booklets are for you to use as a witnessing tool. They are not meant to be just given out in large numbers. And don't do that with leaflets that contain nothing but Scripture portions either. The Lord can use these things when distributed this way - He will use anything that is the Word of God and/or that holds up the Name of Jesus, - but the odds are against it. Use some wisdom and be a good steward of your God-given resources.


A person who is going to engage in witnessing must have some understanding of how to commute the basic doctrines of salvation from Scripture. There are a number of courses, booklets, etc, available for the purpose of learning this. If you have not been involved in ongoing evangelism, effectively, don't assume you know. Bluntly, there are people who do do a lot of "witnessing" and "street evangelism" who don't know how. Also, always be as courteous as possible with everyone you witness to, (II Timothy 2:24) and be careful not to get into heated arguments or otherwise "lose your cool". A few seconds of foolish anger can turn off a person to the Lord for life. As Jesus said, we must be "wise as serpents and harmless as doves" (Matthew 10:16)

And expect to have to answer tough questions. It has been observed by people involved in personal evangelism that there are seven basic questions, that, in various forms, are frequently thrown at Christians by people they are witnessing to. They all just happen to address issues that the Bible does not speak to directly (Now how do they know what tough questions to ask?) but there are Bible-based answers. You should be familiar with these questions, and know how to answer them from Scripture.

And one critical thing: Always answer questions with Scripture! And if you don't have an answer, admit it! Don't try to fake your way out of it, or answer it with your own opinions. You may dig a hole for yourself in the situation that you will not be able to get out of. The Word of God has power (II Corinthians 10:4, Hebrews 4:12). Your word does not. Arguments against the Christian Faith can sometimes be instantly silenced by quoting Scripture. Stick to the Word!

Similarly, believe it or not, probably because of   ignorance of the true message of the Gospel, an unsaved person will occasionally say something, intending it as an argument against the Christian Faith, that is almost a quote from Scripture! This writer has seen this happen a number of times. If you can show that person that what he or she said is actually in agreement with Scripture - even show them the passage - you may have won the battle.

Follow Up

People who respond to your witness must be followed up. In this area, some Christians who do a lot of witnessing, even effective witnessing,   turn around and fail miserably. One of the biggest errors, however well meant, is when the Christian doing the witnessing refuses to identify him or her self as a member of a particular Church. You may think you are removing a stumbling block from in front of the new or prospective convert, but you are really putting one there, by way of hypocrisy. That baby Christian or seeker needs Christian fellowship and teaching, and if you think that your church really preaches and obeys the Gospel, then what better Church than yours? Tell the person what Church you go to, and invite him or her to attend. You can even offer him or her a ride to Church.

The attitude of being a servant to "the least of these my brethren" (Matthew 25:40) must be applied diligently to new converts, if anything, more than to mature Christians. Babies need tender loving care.

A structured follow-up program may help, but some new Christians won't go for it. Frankly, if a person has really experienced the New Birth, he or she may not need it. But what is needed is fellowship. It is the duty of the Christian who does the witnessing to see to it that the Christian fellowship is there. Don't fail on this. However, you may have to effectively pass the new convert to someone else to be his or her spiritual mentor. In fact, don't be surprised if the new convert finds some such person on his own. "One sows, another waters, God gives the increase" (I Corinthians 3:6 & 7).

Christians Must Also Be Evangelized, Too

It is a regrettable truth that, such is the state of the Church, that an evangelistic effort will have to be aimed at the Church. The message will have to consist of what is said in these pages, plus the "Strangers and Pilgrims on the Earth" and "Prayer Wars" pages. Christians world wide will have to be made aware of what they are doing wrong and what to do about it, and how. Hopefully, these very pages will start that. This is the part of the Movement that can and must be done by teaching and preaching within Churches.

Two Other Things:

This is one of the points of doctrine where this writer believes he is taking the one position that is truly in accord with the Scripture on these issues: When a person has accepted Christ as his Savior and Lord, that person should be Baptized at once, at most within a few days after accepting the Lord. Baptism should be explained to him or her, and then arrangements should be made to do it. By the way, if the person does not want to do it, it is a clear indication that the salvation is not real.

After the person is Baptized, unless there is some clear manifestation has the person has already received it, elders who have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit should lay hands on the person and pray for him or her to receive it. Again, if nothing happens, either in the way of sign gifts or immediate personal transformation, (it could be either, but should be one or the other) it is also a sign that the conversion may not have been real. Don't ostracize such a person, but don't be surprised if the person "falls away" quickly. See Matthew 13:18-23. On the other hand, if results are manifested, you know you have a real new Christian.


If you find that you have a person who has really become a new Christian, then do your best to involve him or her in the "Thy Kingdom Come Movement". A person who has become a Christian through the Movement is more likely to become an effective part of it than a person who has been a Christian for years without having been part of anything like it.  Lord willing, this kind of multiplication will happen and it will most likely be how the world may finally be taken for Christ, if it happens at all..

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If a group of Christians does commit themselves to bringing about a "Thy Kingdom Come Movement", and it takes off, what can happen? What can be expected? We will discuss these things in the following page,

The Possibility

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