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Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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Pure and simple, if there is ever going to be a fulfillment of the Lord's Prayer and the Great Commission,   there is going to have to be a worldwide movement of real repentance, especially of allowing so much division in the Church, among Christians. That is going to have to be accompanied by a parallel movement to start pursuing real unity. Understand, though, that this unity must be built on a foundation of sound Scriptural doctrine, and it is going to have to have spiritual world domination as its openly intended goal.

The problem of division in the Church is the Achilles Heel of the Christian Faith. It is the thing that makes us, collectively, most vulnerable to Satan, and least effective in overall ministry. If we can somehow find a way to overcome or circumvent this problem, we could probably in the process of doing so fulfill the Great Commission. But the question, dead literal, is how?

First, as stated in the "What's Worth Arguing About?" page (which see), we must recognize that many of the beliefs and practices that we fight over are not worth arguing about. We must realize that many of the positions people take on doctrinal issues are nothing but egotistic finger-pointing. We must carefully examine all the things we believe and take a stand on, and ask ourselves some critical questions about them, such as:

Be assured that many of the things that Christians argue about are important to neither salvation nor an effective Christian life. There are disputed doctrines such that the only harm that can come from believing or not believing in them is if a Christian makes them a matter of argument. Be assured, also, that there are many disputed doctrines that do one or both of the latter two actions, that is they add to and/or take away from the Scriptures

This may upset some Christians, but one thing this writer has concluded from his own study and teaching of the Word is that there are some theological issues about which the Scriptures are no where near so cut-and-dried clear and conclusive as many Christians want to believe. Yet these tend to be the very issues about which there is the most dispute. Among these issues are what happens to Christians after death, whether or not there will really be a Millennium,  and the exact nature of the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Argument about such issues can do no real good. yet entire ministries are devoted to arguing about such things.

As also discussed in the "What's Worth Arguing About?" page, much disagreement among Christians is nothing but egotistic, fault-finding accusations; really "holier than thou", prideful arrogance. And of the flesh and the devil!

Don't make the assumption that none of these things are true of any of the things  you believe.  Search the Scriptures, and examine yourself in prayer before God about any belief you have that you know sets you apart from other Christians.

However, the regrettable fact is that most Christians will not make the kind of honest self-examination that would reveal the truth about these issues relevant to themselves. Furthermore, if a person is some kind of leader, and   has been committed to trumpeting a particular line of doctrine, and has really made an investment of time, energy, and reputation in doing so, that leader is not likely either to turn from that, or participate in the Movement we are proposing. On the contrary, many such leaders will oppose it if it starts at all. Bluntly, if this is going to happen, it will begin, most likely, not with established leaders, but as a "grass roots" movement among Christians who don't have too much in the way of binding commitments to specific denominations or lines of teaching.

What can override these obstacles  is, first of all, true love of God manifesting itself in a real desire to see the Great Commission fulfilled, accompanied by a sincere desire for Christian unity and a real burden for the lost.  This must be accompanied by a willingness to die to one's own cherished divisive "opinions". If you do not have such attitudes of the heart, then you should pray for God to give them to you!

As was said in "BABEL RISING!", people don't have to be all thinking or saying the same things to accomplish something great. All they have to do is be working as a team toward the same goal. And they can even do that without being aware that they are doing it.  The same thing could happen with a "Thy Kingdom Come Movement". If Christians will just commit themselves to truly achieve this common goal, and do that to the point of making all else secondary in their lives, then it just might be able to happen.

If a "Thy Kingdom Come Movement" should start at all, it is entirely possible that it will start in more than one place at once. This, by the way, would be a sign that it is really a movement of the Holy Spirit. That's what happened with the "Jesus Movement" of the late '60s and early '70s, of which this writer was a part.

However, what this writer believes is that, following the example of the early Church, it will take a group of at least a dozen Christians in one place (see Acts 19:1-7), that is, in an single body, to take on the "Thy Kingdom Come Movement" as their goal, and committing themselves to staying together and sticking to it, come what may. Believe this, Satan will try to break them up. They will have to be committed to giving themselves mutual support, spiritually and materially, as much as needed. This may be the point of even giving fellow Christians the money to pay their rent!

Any Christians who do this should expected to be attacked by Satan to a degree that they have never been attacked in the past. They will suffer severe temptation within, and persecution from without. This is why they must be supportive of each other, and it is also part of why this writer does not really expect this to happen. It is possible that many Christians will try to do something like this, but eventually give it up or even completely fall away. If the Movement really gets going, there is soon going to be deadly persecution. Christians will really be attacking Satan's Kingdom, perhaps as has not happened since the first few centuries of Christianity, and Satan will counterattack. Expect it, and pray for the grace to endure it..

Also, again, if this starts at all, it will probably start in several places at once. When Christians who are part of different branches of the Movement come in contact with each other, they must not allow any disputes, conflict or competition between the groups. They must recognize each other as parts of the same work of the Holy Spirit  (I Corinthians 12:4-6) and work in unity. If there is one thing that Satan could do to stop such a movement, it would be getting two or more branches of it to fight with each other. Lack of unity is part of the present problem. Solving it will require restoring and preserving unity among Christians.

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All this is just laying the foundation for what needs to happen. This page is about what must take place within the Church, and applied to the Church. As far as really taking the world for Christ, further overt action is required.

We will discuss this action in the following page,

Prayer, Fasting and Evangelism

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