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A new Christian Search Engine, offering a wide variety of Christian links, covering just about every topic and point of view.



Another new Christian Search engine. Already offering many resources, and adding new sites every day.


A Christian Search Engine based in the United Kingdom

Best Of The Christian Web

Lots of great links and all kinds of Christian Resources.

Rob's Links

Over 7400 links on all Christian subjects, live chat, Christian Bookstore, offers a newsletter.


Not specifically Christian, but a useful search engine for any topic. Focuses on search by keywords.

Crosssearch Prophecy

Dozens of Prophecy-related links


Probably the best overall Christian site on the Web. You name a Christian resource, they have it.

Omnilist of Christian Links Gold   

Simply one of the best and most comprehensive lists of Christian links on the Web.

Also, related to the above,

CCN Omnilist

The Christian Community Network links page. Compliments the Gold List.

1998 Christian Resource Index

Comprehensive Christian listings. Frequently updated.

2000 Christian Best

Christian search site. Also offers Christian chat and a great "Invitation" section - evangelistically excellent.

Cybergrace Christian Network - Excellent Christian Resource Site

Web Search

This Search Engine courtesy of the Global Christian Network

This site also offers a number of other useful Christian resources.

Museltof's Free For All links

Christian Search Engine that links to a wide variety Christian sites and many useful resources. Easy to add your site.

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