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UFOs: The Deadly Deception


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Government Cover - Ups

There has been a constant battle of words, and even litigation (to obtain the release of classified documents) for years between the U. S. governments, as well as other governments, and "true believers" in UFOs. They have accused the governments of covering up information about UFOs, particularly information that would prove their extraterrestrial origin. As you are probably well aware, this has long since reached the point of serious accusations being levied against the U. S. Air Force, claiming that they have in their possession the remains of crashed alien space ships and the bodies of aliens. Of course, the most famous case is the Roswell, New Mexico incident, but it isn't the only one. And of course, the "crashed UFOs" and the "alien corpses" are supposedly being kept and studied at Area 51.

What is the real truth?

As far as most of the real actions of the U. S. and other governments are concerned, there are four major factors:

  • In the Roswell case, the U. S. Government admitted two years ago that what really crashed there was a spy balloon from a secret program called "Project Mogul". These balloons did exist, and may have been responsible for other UFO reports as well, including the death of Capt. Thomas Mantell while chasing a UFO in P51 Mustang. The spy balloons were meant to gather information about Soviet atomic bomb tests. During the Cold War they had to be kept secret. There is concrete reason to believe that UFO stories have also been used to cover up experiments with energy beam (i.e. ray gun) weapons, stealth vehicles, and psychological warfare. Furthermore, the U.S. Government has infiltrated and manipulated UFO cults to get their unwitting help in perpetrating the cover - ups.
  • Special Problem: The Men in Black

    The recent hit movie "Men in Black" is superficially based on one of the most puzzling - and frightening - aspects of the UFO Phenomenon. These, in reality, are men who, in the United States, at least, visit people who have had real, conscious, UFO encounters, shortly after the experience. They usually present what appear to be credentials identifying them as agents of the U. S. Government, Air Force Intelligence, or some similar agency. They often seem to know all about the victim's experience, even when the victim hasn't told anyone! If any photographs, videos, etc. were taken during the experience, the "Men in Black" will usually confiscate them. They similarly confiscate anything that constitutes material evidence. Finally, they often warn the victims not to tell anyone about either the UFO experience or their visit. Of course, many victims have done just the opposite, and hence the mystery and the movie.

    When an outcry occurs over the confiscation of personal property, intimidation tactics, etc., the government or the agency in question always denies knowing anything about the "Men in Black".

    There are two main possible explanations for the "Men in Black", and one or the other is probably true in all cases:

    Either way, the appearances of the "Men in Black" has given more ammunition to the UFO believers who are screaming "cover - up!", and hence has indirectly helped to strengthen the credibility of the "Alien Spaceship" explanation of UFOs.

    Crop Circles and Livestock Mutilations

    There have been two different types of mysterious occurrences that have received considerable media attention in the past few decades. They have been linked to UFOs. Although this link can't be proven, they do appear to be the work of unknown intelligent beings. This is particularly true of crop circles.

    Crop Circles

    Crop circles are patterns, usually, but not entirely, circular, of flattened grain that appear overnight in farmer's fields. They have been appearing with increasing frequency throughout the whole world. Sometimes these patterns are very elaborate, even to the point of resembling fractal images. It has been claimed that they are hoaxes, and in fact some are. But the phenomenon is too widespread and the patterns to complex for them all to be. The complexity of the patterns makes them impossible to explain as natural phenomena. This has led cultists to claim, quite reasonably, that they were made by intelligent aliens who are trying to communicate with us. However, to this writer's knowledge, there is only one case on record in which a UFO was reported in the vicinity of a crop circle when the circle appeared. From a scientific standpoint, that constitutes a coincidence.

    If these are all hoaxes, they are, again, elaborate ones. Especially in the cases of the very complex patterns. It would take a lot of skill and labor to lay out and create these patterns without disturbing the surrounding grain. The creation of the crop circle constitutes the destruction of the portion of the crop that is flattened. Farming is a labor-intensive, low profit margin business, and farmers don't take kindly to having their crops destroyed. Anyone who perpetrated a hoax like this without the farmer's complicity - presumably well paid for, would do so at the risk of his life.

    On the other hand, it is not beyond belief that satanic forces could create these patterns. As stated previously, as far as deception is concerned, all things are possible with Satan. The crop circles may just be another form of "lying wonder". For certain, they appear to be the work of something intelligent but unidentified.

    An odd aspect of this is that in those cases where hoaxes have been proven, some of the hoaxsters have claimed that they had some kind of spiritual inspiration for and/or fulfillment from doing it.

    Livestock Mutilations

    Livestock mutilations are a more serious matter, legally, since they involve the killing of valuable animals; cows, steers, and other forms of commercial livestock. In these incidents, the animals are found dead and looking like they have been subjected to the deliberate removal of body parts. In most cases, this seems to have been done quite skillfully with the use of precision tools. Again, it usually looks like the work of something intelligent as opposed to natural predators. Because of this, and the fact that UFO abductions of livestock have been reported, these incidents have been automatically linked to UFOs. Alternate explanations are that they are the work of cultists or malicious pranksters. But again, the cultists or pranksters who did this without the livestock owner's paid - for complicity, would do so at the risk of their lives. If caught in the act, they might get shot! Some reported cases were probably in fact the work of natural predators, but there remains an unexplainable factor that cannot be answered except by attributing the mutilations to "space aliens", or by saying again, that this is another form of Satan's "lying wonders". Satan is not a nice guy. Nothing he does should surprise us. He will do anything that will cause confusion and turn people's attention away from the Gospel.

    UFO Researchers

    Yes, believe it or not, UFO Researchers, the very people who claim to be trying to find out what is going on, are often unwittingly, and sometimes not so unwittingly, part of the deception. Without going into detail, we can document this with an excerpt from an open letter published on the Web by a UFO Researcher,   Steve Neill, who was quitting UFO Research.

    "After being involved in the most serious UFO research and direct experiences with ET all my life, the behavior of most of the UFO community has become such a disgrace, so vile and demented (Now what does that sound like!- Author), that I have decided to withdraw from the field permanently.
    All the petty, infantile mudslinging and politics, the backstabbing and throat-slitting, the egos and the liars, the radio cult figures, the betrayal of 'friendships' have all overshadowed the critical issues at hand...and have often made a virtual laughing stock of anyone who innocently tries to tell the truth.
    The UFO 'community' is its own worst enemy. Any respect this field might have had or been due to receive has been destroyed by the actions of many, if not most, of the key players involved."

    Under the circumstances, it would be no surprise if most of the people he is referring to are all more or less demon influenced. That being the case, the problems he describes could be expected to follow automatically.

    Skeptics: Satan's Special Dupes

    There are a number of people, notably a man named Philip Klass, and James Oberg, mentioned above, and a number of others like them, who have been very outspoken as UFO skeptics. These people generally take the hard-line position that UFOs do not exist in any real sense. They maintain that all UFO reports, ranging from Nocturnal Lights (unusual lights seen in the night sky) to Close Encounters of the Third Kind (UFO abductions) are the result of combinations of factors that lead people to false conclusions, or are out-and-out lies and hoaxes. These people could at times be shown to be seriously dishonest in their claims, if someone chose to put the time and effort into it. To believe their explanations in some cases would mean believing that the witnesses (often trained professionals) are crazy, stupid or liars, or any combination of the three. This includes cases where there have been hundreds of witnesses.

    Another well known skeptic is James "The Amazing" Randi". In the past couple of years, some of his errors have become the subject of scandal to the point that the rest of the skeptic community has distanced itself from him. Lies and distortion of the truth by skeptics are just as much a part of the deception as the actual incidents. Satan's strategy includes masking the truth with confusion.

    There was an actual reported UFO abduction during which an "alien" told the victim (a police officer, by the way) that they "want people to believe in them, but not too much"! If the subject was taken seriously enough, it could result in the kind of large scale, honest investigation that would reveal the truth. Satan certainly wouldn't want that. It could turn the world to Christ by proving the existence of the devil! Satan wants things to be confused. Skeptics add to the confusion.


    Before we can totally accept the "Satanic deception" explanation of UFOs, we must take an honest look at the "Alien Spaceship" explanation. We will do so in the next page,

    Could UFOs Really Be Alien Spaceships?

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