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The purpose of this Prayer Network, as stated at the beginning of this section of the site, is to provide prayer support for the Christians involved in passing on the Message of Bread Upon The Waters, and to seek the Lord's blessing on the entire ministry. This page presents how to become a member and participate in the Network.

A Testimony

One of the things Jesus told us about the Father's will for us is that we all "should bear much fruit and that your fruit should remain" (John 15:16). In other words, what we do for Jesus will never come to nothing. This whole "Prayer Wars" concept of united intercessory prayer was first conceived of, and put in print, in late 1981 and early 1982. The only thing that has been added since is the use of e-mail and the World Wide Web. For whatever mysteries of His will, the Lord did not allow the idea to be put to use then. But in His good timing, He is using it now. The work of creating it did not go to waste.

Joining The Network

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Prayer Network, you must first of all be a Christian. (If you are not, see "Why Should You Believe The Bible?".) You should become familiar with the message and goals of this entire Ministry, and be in agreement with the Message. You should have read at least the Main Message Summary, and the entire "Prayer Wars" section of this site.

Furthermore, everyone who wishes to join the Network is asked to actively participate in passing the Main Message on to other Christians, especially to those who are not on the Internet. This is the action part of the effort. As stated at the end of the previous page, the full effect is only achieved when the prayer and fasting are accompanied by action. You can do anything the Lord gives you to do that helps to pass the Message on, but please don't ask to join the Network unless you mean to do so, or already have been doing something to help.

If you agree to be part of the movement, send an e-mail to with the words "Join Prayer Network" in the subject line. Give your name and all other relevant information about yourself, especially what part of the world you are from. You will begin to receive regular e-mailings giving news and prayer requests from the ministry.

As a member, you should review the Prayer Wars pages from time to time to keep your memory of the doctrine of prayer presented here fresh in your mind.

Recruit New Members

Members of the Network should, in the process of passing the Message on, also work at recruiting others to do the same, and in the process, recruit new members for the Prayer Network. Members who are online are asked to provide those who are not online with copies of the Prayer Wars manual.

And, please, do not ask to become a member of this Prayer Network unless you truly both intend and expect to be a fully participating member, and unless you are in general agreement with the Main Message.

Submitting A Prayer Request

When submitting a request by e-mail, always put "request" in the "subject" line of the message, and send it to  All accepted requests will be posted to the "Prayer Requests" page ASAP after being received.

You are invited to submit prayer requests that deal with issues relevant to the Main Message, and for any personal needs of your own. The purpose of the Network, again, is support for the Ministry and those involved in it. However, we as caring Christians should be open to any prayer request that constitutes an urgent need from a fellow Christian or Christians. Provided that nothing is being asked that is contrary to Scripture, the requests will be posted to the Prayer Request page.

All requests, once posted, will initially be left on the Web for a minimum of two months. If the rate of reception becomes greater, the time may be shortened.

Note: The Prayer Requests will be screened. Any requests that are considered not to be in accord with sound Biblical doctrine, or with the doctrinal positions of this ministry will not be posted. To do so would be promoting confusion, not unity.

Bulk E-Mail

Since spam mail is widely disapproved, in keeping with e-mail etiquette, it will be the policy of this ministry not to distribute the lists of the members. Instead, a brief notification of Prayer Request Updates will be bulk-e-mailed to the people who have sent prayer requests and/or expressed desire to join the network.

Note: All person who submit prayer requests will thereafter be regarded as members of the Network for notification purposes, and will be asked and expected to pray for the requests of others. You reap what you sow.

The Telephone

Beyond the use of E-mail and the Web, we will make use of that old reliable medium of communication, the telephone. It is the prayer and intent of this Ministry that there will be many members of the Prayer Network who are not online. They will need to be able to both submit and receive prayer requests. So we will use the telephone for this. Every member who is online is asked to be the starting point for a local telephone network. When you see a new request on the Web, or receive an e-mail about one, you are asked to pick up your telephone and share it with any other members in your local area. As the Network grows, they in turn will have others to whom they can pass it to by phone. No one, hopefully, will have to make long distance calls on a regular basis. In this way, with little financial cost or effort to anyone, a prayer request may theoretically be circulated to thousands of prayer warriors in a matter of hours.

Praying for the Requests

Members are asked to make prayer for the Perpetual Requests a regular part of their daily prayer lives, and to back it up with regular days of prayer and fasting. Please try to give at least fifteen minutes a day of your prayer time to this particular subject. Please pray about all issues raised in the Online Newsletter. And please give attention in prayer to the individual requests as they are posted.  When you pray, please do it in the way described in this site.

Again, please begin immediately after joining the Network to observe regular times of fasting or doing something equivalent (See How Should We Pray?"). As stated in the "Strangers and Pilgrims" page, this is something you have to do anyway, if you want to be ready, and you will never have full power in prayer if you don't. This Prayer Network will only be fully effective if all the members fast and pray!

We also schedule regular days and times of combined Prayer and Fasting. These are posted on the Prayer Requests page. It will be impossible to expect all the members to participate every time, but please do it as often as you can.

Answers To Prayer

If you experience or observe an answer to a specific prayer request, please e-mail it to the address above, and write "feedback" in the subject line. When these come in, to the Glory of God, they will be added to the "Feedback" page.


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