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We are going back to Laodicea. As you will recall from the "Church of Laodicea" page, it is the lukewarm Church that the Lord Jesus Christ will vomit out of His mouth when the Great Tribulation is about to begin. It is, spiritually, one of the two worst ages in the history of the Church. In the "Church of Laodicea" page, we talked about what is wrong with it. But, as shown in the "Seven Churches" page, Jesus gave every Church some admonition about what to do about their spiritual circumstances. The most detailed admonition was given to the Church of Laodicea.  Since we are living in the Age of the Church of Laodicea, and we need to be ready for the Second Coming, it follows that what He told them to do is what we have to do to be ready.

We find His admonition to them in Revelation 3:18 - 20. Verse 20 can be understood to sum up what He told them in verse 18. The fact that this verse, in our time,  is usually understood to refer to the unsaved is an example of how blind the Church of Laodicea is. That meaning is inconsistent with the context. By the context, Jesus was telling Christians to open the door and let Him in. He wants to be allowed in the lives of Christians. He wants to get back into the Church. If Christians do what He told them to do in verse 18, they will be effectively letting Him in, individually and collectively.

Verse 19 is a warning about what is going to happen to them, again, individually and collectively, if they don't. It is one of the Scripture references that show that the Great Tribulation will be as much a great chastening of the Church as a great judgment on the unsaved world. (See also Zechariah 13:9) As far as the Christians living at the time are concerned, the Tribulation will be a radical effort on God's part to heal an otherwise incurably spiritually sick Church. Many Christians today are proclaiming that a great revival is coming. As also stated in the "What Should We Expect" page, there probably won't be a revival before the Tribulation. But the Christians who survive the beginning of the Tribulation will be truly revived during the Second Woe. They would do much better to get revived now. To do so, they will have to take the initiative to deal with their Laodicean problems personally. They better not "wait on the Lord" for this, nor "wait for the revival to come". They must take action individually now (though collectively is better, if they can). Otherwise, they won't be ready.

What Jesus told the Christians of Laodicea to do in verse 18 is expressed in highly figurative terms:

"I counsel you to buy from Me gold tried in fire,
that you may be rich;

and white garments that you may be clothed,
that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed,
and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see."

It is obvious that He didn't mean for any Christian who isn't serious about being obedient, to the point that he diligently searches the Scriptures, to be able to figure out what He means. Understanding this does require knowledge of Biblical symbolism, otherwise, and it also requires some knowledge of the original languages and Bible History.

It is noteworthy that He tells the Church of Laodicea to buy the things they need to heal their illness. This is in sharp contrast to other passages of Scripture, like Matthew 7:7-11 and John 16:24 where we are told to merely ask the Father for the things we need. Jesus is telling us something serious here. He is saying that being ready is really going to cost us something. No "cheap grace" here. There is only one other place in the Scriptures where Christians have to buy something to meet a spiritual need, and it is also in the context of being ready. It is in the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins.

A Parallel Passage

It would be helpful if there were another passage of Scripture that says the same thing as Revelation 3:18. In fact, there is, and it is very well known. The verse is II Chronicles 7:14. If both verses are fully understood, we find that they are both saying the same thing. The latter verse has been promoted in the United States for over 25 years now as containing the solution to the social, political, and spiritual problems of the United States. The fact that things have continued to get worse, especially in the moral and spiritual sense, is proof that Christians do not fully understand it, and to the extent they do, they are not obeying it.

In the following pages we will give a complete exposition of what these verses mean. We will examine three basic spiritual disciplines that this writer calls "The Three Switches". They turn on the spiritual power. If you turn all them on simultaneously, the will "turn on the lights", real bright! If practiced by an individual, they will almost guarantee him or her a victorious, effective Christian life. If practiced by a group in unity, they could precipitate another Pentecost.

To give, however, a brief summary, The Three Switches are:

  • Prayer and Fasting. Contrary to what is normally taught, fasting  is not an option for Christians who want to be ready.

  • Repentance. Real, serious repentance, manifested by a radical change in behavior, especially in separation from the world.

  • The Study of, Ministry of, and Strict Obedience to the Word. The Word and nothing but the Word.

By the way, by Scriptural example, Cornelius the Roman (Acts 10:1, 2 & 30), was practicing "The Three Switches" before he even knew the Lord. Look at how he was rewarded (Acts 10:3-5 & 44-48). If he was so rewarded for his obedience, how much more a Christian?

The point is that these are things that every Christian should be doing, all the time. However, there is concrete reason to believe that the majority of Christians - and we are talking only about the "Born Again" Christians, do not do these things they way they should. Because they don't, they won't be ready. The purpose of these pages is to show the reader what they should be doing, and God willing, motivate them to do it.

Understand that this is just the foundation of your Christian life. You also have to be practicing the Mandates of Matthew 25 to be sure you are ready.

Never assume you are ready. St. Paul, at the height of his ministry did not. Compare I Corinthians 9:24-27 and Philippians 3:12-16. If he wasn't "sitting on his blessed assurance", neither should we.

We will begin our examination of the Three Switches in the following page:

Gold Tried In Fire

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