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What Not To Do

During the Tribulation, there will almost certainly be severe shortages of everything, even the most common necessities. Christian may be tempted to sin in order to get their material needs met. They may be tempted, for example, to lie and steal in order to get food. Don't Do It! To do so will be open yourself up to quick and severe reprisal from the Beasts. Remember, these men and their followers will ostensibly be Muslims. Muslims have very strict laws against such things, with brutal penalties. (As this page was being written, the author received an e-mail about a person in a Muslim country having a hand chopped off for a minor theft. That happens to be a genuine Muslim punishment for theft.) During the Tribulation, they will use those laws and penalties against Christians at every opportunity. Even the slightest infraction may result in violent, and perhaps fatal retribution. Unfortunately, if it happens that way, it won't count as true martyrdom.

As it says in I Peter 4:15;

"But let none of you suffer as a murderer,
a thief, an evildoer,
or as a busybody in other people's matters."

By the context, Peter's admonition can be very well applied to our behavior during the Tribulation. You must be super careful to be righteous in all you do.

Don't make the Muslim profession.

During the Tribulation, you may very well be called upon to renounce your faith in Jesus Christ. If the Beasts are in fact Muslims, as stated elsewhere in this site, you may be called upon to make the Muslim profession: "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet". Or, if not that, then to make some equivalent statement that references the Beast. Don't Do It! This may happen literally at gunpoint, or under the duress of torture. On the other hand, it may be offered with the promise of food, water, or freedom if you've been imprisoned. It may even be accompanied with the hope of saving the lives of your loved ones. No matter why or how this happens, you must settle it in your mind never to renounce your faith. Reciting the Muslim profession, or any equivalent statement, is tantamount to renouncing Christ, no matter how you may rationalize it. Don't expect God to accept the excuse, "I didn't really mean it..." (See II Timothy 2:12). Especially since your making the profession, or whatever equivalent statement, will probably be followed, sooner or later, with your being expected to take the Mark. (It might cost him his life, but in such a situation, this writer would say, "Allah is not god, and Mohammed is a false prophet", or whatever equivalent would fit the situation.)

Don't Take The Mark of the Beast!

Whatever you do, right or wrong, do not take the Mark of the Beast! You must be alert to the fact that the False Prophet - he's the one who really makes people take it, not the king  - will probably use some sort of deception to get people to do it. Revelation 13:18 implies that it will not be obvious that it is the Mark:

"Let him who has wisdom calculate
the number of the Beast,
for it is a human number...."

In other words, it may not look like what it is, and the circumstances under which it is given may also involve deception. Perhaps the most obvious clue is that it is, by the context, the False Prophet, not the king, who makes people take it. This is a serious issue. Do not expect if from the first Beast, that is,  the "King". Expect it from the False Prophet.

Again, don't assume that computers, surgically implanted  microchips, or the bar code will have anything to do with it. It cannot be said that this is impossible; the Arab-Muslim countries are getting into computers in a big way. But this is by no means certain. Nothing in the Bible really suggest this, no matter how many Christians believe the idea. If you are expecting something like that, and it turns out to be something entirely different, you may be tricked into taking it. Keep an open mind about this.

The asteroid or comet collision may rob most of the world of its electric power supply. If this happens, in many places it may never be back up. If that should be the case, then it will rob most of the world of computers and the Internet in the process. It has often been suggested that the Mark is a tattoo. If this is so, then there exists a relatively simple, low tech, mechanical process for tattooing a simple mark, like a number, on a person in a split second. In fact, it was developed by the Nazis in World War II for precisely that purpose. It uses compressed air and hurts no more than a vaccination. It is still used in some prisons, and the False Prophet would have no problem using it too. There is no need for anything "high tech" to accomplish this. Keep an open mind about this, and during the Tribulation don't accept anything that could be considered a "mark" on your hand (including your entire forearm) or on anywhere your head, no matter what it is, or the reason given.

If you take the Mark, Jesus Himself cannot save you:

"If anyone worships the beast or his image,
and receives his mark on his forehead or his hand,
he himself shall also drink of the wine
of the wrath of God,
which is poured out full strength
into the cup of His indignation".

Revelation 14:9 & 10

So be alert to the fact that it will be given, and don't make any prior assumptions about what it will be like. Keep your eyes open during the Tribulation, and refuse to take anything of any kind that is given that could be considered a mark on your forehead or palm of your hand. The latter term "palm", by the way, Biblically, can refer to anywhere on your arm below the elbow. Remember that!


What To Do

If you find yourself in the Tribulation, and realize that you weren't ready, the first order of business, beyond what you may have to do to survive, and where necessary and possible, giving assistance to people around you, is to repent!

Examine yourself and recognize the reasons why you weren't ready. See previous page. Get on your knees and seek forgiveness, cleansing and deliverance. And then resolve to change and start being a Biblical overcomer.

Among the things you must do, as much as you can are:

  • Start practicing the Three Switches:

  1. Start fasting and praying the way you should have been doing.

  2. Start really being separate from the world (this may be relatively easy; there may not be much left of it after the collision.)

  3. Start filling your mind with the Word of God, that is, the Scriptures. This may be the most difficult thing to do, but if at all possible do it. And make up your mind, like never before, to believe it and accept its authority.

  • Start practicing the Mandates of Matthew 25:

  1. Start really expecting the Second Coming and start living like it. If you know the Tribulation has begun, this won't be difficult at all.

  2. If you are not already truly filled with the Holy Spirit, go crazy seeking the fullness, as if your life depends on it. Spiritually, it does. Your eternal life, that is.

  3. Having been filled with the Holy Spirit, to whatever extent you opportunity, find out what your real spiritual gifts are - not your natural aptitudes - and start using them to serve your fellow Christians.

  4. Above all, start being a servant to all your fellow Christians, and don't even think of discriminating about which ones you will serve. And don't make the mistake of serving the unsaved in any ongoing way. 

  • As a final but very important corollary to all this, renounce all the doctrinal differences that cause division in the Church that you have been fighting for. During the Tribulation, Christians are going to need unity like no other time in the history of Christianity.

Listen to The Two Witnesses

The Two Witnesses, if we take the 11th chapter of Revelation to mean exactly what it says, will be real men who are powerful preachers and who back up their words with miracles. Unlike Spirit-filled preachers today, who sometimes have gifts of healings, etc., to back up their preaching, these men will work miracles of God's wrath. Plagues! Their message will be the most important for Christians and Jews that has been preached since the deaths of the Apostles. Their ministry will be the last call, period, for sinners to repent. When their ministry is over, there will be no more opportunity for repentance and salvation. Therefore, any Christian who is able to hear what they say should obey them to the letter. Although it might not be possible, it might be a good idea to go to them if you can. They will probably be in Jerusalem or the vicinity. The Bible specifically says that they will die there, although it doesn't say that their ministry will start or entirely take place there. If you can do so, help them. Understand that these men won't be "nice guys". It is seriously possible that even Christians won't like them. But if you want to make it into Heaven, and get any Divine protection at all during the Tribulation, then listen to them and do what they say!

A Need For Leadership

Beyond doing what the Two Witnesses say, especially among those who aren't ready, there will be a need  for anointed Christian leadership. Look to those who have the seal. You will be able to tell who they are during the First Woe, because the mysterious locusts won't sting them.   Listen to  their counsel, and do what they tell you, even if they should turn out to be people you didn't think much of before the Tribulation began. It is a matter of Biblical principle that people who are despised by the world, including people despised by lukewarm Christians, may actually be great with God. On the other hand, you may have had a wonderful pastor whom you loved, and under whose ministry hundreds or even thousands of people got "saved, healed, and delivered. But if one of those mysterious "locusts" stings him, don't listen to a word he says. He wasn't ready, and he may actually be in worse shape spiritually than you are. Apparent success in ministry is not a true measure of a Christian's spiritual condition. Look at Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart. Again, look to those who have the seal for leadership.

Satan's Big Lie: "You won't have to suffer"

One of Satan's most treacherous lies to the Christians of our time is that they won't have to go through any of the Great Tribulation, or that they will be taken out of it before the "Wrath". Either of these ideas give Christians false expectations that may cause some of them to renounce their faith when the Tribulation begins, and to take the Mark of the Beast, thus losing their salvation. Even if that doesn't happen, both errors, and especially the former, will set them up for a terrible surprise and seriously shake their faith.

Remember that Jesus told us, in Luke 21:35, that the Tribulation...

"...will come as a snare on all those who dwell
on the face of the whole earth".

This will include most Christians living at the time. The only exceptions will be the relatively few who are truly ready, to the extent that they have satisfied all three of the conditions for being ready set forth in this site:

  1. They really expect it, and are living that way.*

  2. They have a Scripturally accurate idea of what will happen.

  3. They are spiritually prepared, that is, they are "overcomers" as in Revelation 3:21.

Special Note: Since originally writing this page, it has become the author's position that the "living that way" must include actively working to fulfill The Great Commission. See: "Thy Kingdom Come".

False Teachings

There are several lines of false teaching that are setting up Christians for a terrible surprise.

  1. The biggest is Pre-Trib Rapture. It says, of course, that Christians will be evacuated before the Tribulation begins.

  2. A relatively new, but even less Scriptural variant of this is the "Post-Tribulation, Pre-Wrath" teaching. This says that Christians will go through the Tribulation and be evacuated before the Wrath. This is a fantasy. The Tribulation is the Wrath! Matthew 24:21 & 22 should be enough to tell anyone that. No "interpretation" required!

  3. Amillennialism. This one says that there will be no Tribulation for Christians to go through. It says that the Lord will return, Judgment Day will happen, the world will be destroyed, and that's that.

  4. The Dominion view, which also denies that there will be a Great Tribulation. It says that Christianity will eventually take over the world, and Christ will return in Triumph to take the His throne as King of a world that is already totally obedient to Him.

There are of course a number of variants on these ideas. All these views contain an underlying idea that is dear to the hearts of Laodicean Christians. It is the belief that they won't have to suffer for their faith, let alone suffer chastening for their sins. The Pre-Tribbers are the most up front about believing this, but all four views contain the idea. Yet it is inconsistent with both the Bible and the history of the Church.

The late Corrie Ten Boom understood suffering as few living Christians do. In case you are not familiar with her story, her entire family was arrested by the Nazis for helping Jews to escape the Holocaust. All of them were sent to the death camps, where most of them died. Carrie escaped as a result of a miraculous clerical error. She went on to be a powerful evangelist. Her story has been told in a major Christian film, "The Hiding Place". The Lord has used her story to bring many Christians to a deeper commitment to Christ. This writer is one of them.

She did not believe in Pre-Trib Rapture!

She often told of a missionary who taught Pre-Trib Rapture to Christians in China before the Communist takeover. After the takeover, something in the vicinity of 20 million Christians were martyred in China. The missionary told Corrie in tears that some of the Chinese Christians whom he had taught that they wouldn't have to suffer "Tribulation" cursed him to his face before they died. For the Chinese martyrs, the Communist Revolution and its aftermath was their "Great Tribulation". And because of the false teaching, some, particularly those who did the cursing,  obviously did renounce their faith before they died. This story forms a real-life parable of the harm that these false teachings can do. As every Christian should know, the history of our faith is a trail of martyr's blood, including Corrie Ten Boom's family and those Chinese Christians. Why should we be any different?

Those Christians who aren't ready will suffer the most during the Tribulation. They will suffer both the chastening of God's wrath and the persecution of the Beasts. Even those who have the seal of the living God will probably suffer from the stress of the times, and definitely from persecution.   But the Bible does show that during the Tribulation, particularly during Second Woe, those who aren't ready will realize how sinful they have been and repent. See Revelation 7:13 & 14. But there are specific things that they must do if they expect to be able to benefit at all from their repentance. The warning of Revelation 16:15 applies to the penitents, too.

The Great Tribulation will not be good news for anybody. There will be no complete escape. At least for the vast majority, there will be absolutely...


So expect to suffer and prepare yourself for it mentally and spiritually.

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Beyond these things, there will be other major requirements for Christians to satisfy during the Tribulation. One will be a need for unity, materially and spiritually. We will discuss this requirement in the following page,

A Time For Unity

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