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The Greatest Living Authority

Perhaps the greatest living scientific expert on UFOs is Dr. Jacques Vallee, a computer scientist and astrophysicist. He has done computer analysis of tens of thousands of UFO reports, looking for patterns that could be clues to an explanation. He has also done extensive study of similar phenomena throughout history. He has done extensive investigation of UFO cults, and has written about a dozen books on the subject. Two of his books, "UFOs: The Anatomy of a Phenomenon" and "Passport to Magonia" are considered classics of UFO literature. He was the real life basis for the character of the French scientist "Claude LaCombe", played by Francois Truffaut in the movie "Close Encounters...". However, Vallee did not get paid to be a consultant for the film because he disagreed with what Spielberg was saying about UFOs in the film and told him so to his face. He lives in California, where he teaches at Stanford University and also runs a small software firm.

As a young scientist, Vallee was shocked into believing in UFOs when he witnessed an incident in which astronomers destroyed tape-recorded evidence of UFOs that they had unwittingly collected with their equipment, rather than risk becoming embroiled in the controversy. (The fact that he testifies to this gives the lie to the criticism often given by skeptics to the effect that no astronomer has ever detected evidence of UFOs.) He proceeded to make the study of the subject the main avocation of his life. For years, he worked closely with the late J. Allen Hynek, and co-authored a book with him.

Vallee's Theory

In his books, Vallee has proposed a radically different theory about UFOs. It is not an explanation but rather a description of what they are really doing. He believes that UFOs are part of a control system, and what is being controlled; that is to say, conditioned, is our minds. It is noteworthy that he thinks that UFOs are only part of this control system. He believes that it has been active throughout recorded history, and that it has taken many other forms. He associates it, in particular, with visions and miracles associated with the Virgin Mary. He also associates it with Medieval legends of fairies, elves, leprechauns, etc. He makes no attempt to identify the specific source of the control system, and doubts that we can learn what the true source is. He does not take a hard-line stance on his ideas, and insists that they are just speculation. If so, they are exceptionally well informed and well reasoned speculation.

In his book "Passport to Magonia" (a French fairyland), Vallee offers this theoretical description of the source of the UFO Phenomenon:

"It appears that we are sharing this planet with another race...This race is invisible to us, is more intelligent than we are, and is hostile to us. It is trying to control our destiny by influencing our imaginations." (Note: this is a summary, not a verbatim quote.)

Now who do Christians know of who would fit that description?

Vallee further said (this is a verbatim quote):

"...it is possible to make large sections of any population believe in the existence of supernatural races, in the possibility of flying machines, in the plurality of inhabited worlds, by exposing them to a few carefully engineered scenes, the details of which are adapted to the culture and superstitions of a particular time and place."

Vallee shows that the source of the UFO Phenomenon has manifested the same kind of deceptions in other ways throughout history. The form of each particular incident has been suited to the time and place in which each particular deception took place. Furthermore, in the UFO Phenomenon, the things that are reported in connection with UFO encounters are often things that were previously described in science fiction. It looks as though Satan takes human fiction ideas and uses them as part of his "engineered scenes".

Note that Vallee is not a Christian. He appears to be an agnostic with New Age leanings.

When Vallee says that it is possible to make large numbers of people believe almost anything, by exposing a few individuals to some carefully engineered scenes, again, he links this idea both to UFOs and to visions and miracles associated with the Virgin Mary.

Witnesses Are Selected 

One of the odd yet revealing things about the UFO Phenomenon is who sees them. Contrary to what you might expect, "true believers" in UFOs seldom see them, except under special circumstances which will be discussed in the "New Age-Occult Connection" page. Hard core skeptics like Philip Klass and James Oberg never see them. The people who most frequently have UFO encounters, especially the more dramatic ones, are almost always people who were uninformed about the subject prior to their experiences, and not interested pro or con. Of course, they become interested in the subject afterward, even to the point of becoming militant "true believers". They also frequently become interested in things relevant to the occult and the New Age Movement.

Just as "those that be whole need not a physician" (Matthew 9:12), those who already have the disease don't need to be infected. This includes both the "true believers" and the hard-core skeptics. In fact, "infecting" the skeptics would defeat Satan's purpose. And he usually doesn't have to bother with the "true believers". He already has them.

 The Trap

In another book, entitled "The Invisible College" (it's about the findings of a group of scientists who secretly investigated the UFO Phenomenon) Vallee makes this further provocative statement:

"We are as a society developing a thirst for contact with superior minds that will provide guidance for our poor, harassed, hectic planet. In doing so, we may be ready to fall into a trap..."

Vallee ends this quotation with the words, "perhaps a kind, benevolent trap". In this phrase he appears to give way to wishful thinking. He contradicts this sentiment himself a few pages later when he says:

"I would like to step outside the conditioning maze and see what makes it tick. I wonder what I would find. Perhaps a terrible, superhuman monstrosity, the very contemplation of which would make a man insane?"

Again, Vallee's thinking points straight to Satan.

The Trap is not benevolent. This was vividly demonstrated in the mass suicide of the Heaven's Gate cult. They looked to UFOs for guidance and salvation, and doing so killed them. It has also done considerable harm to the lives of many others.

Further Support

Another secular expert who supports the "satanic deception" explanation of UFOs is John A. Keel, also the author of a number of books on UFOs and related subjects. He is a newspaper reporter, not a scientist, but is on the same level with Vallee in his knowledge of the subject. In fact, they are well acquainted and each acknowledges the other as an expert in the field.

In his book, "UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse", Keel makes this observation:

"The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely a minor variation on the age -old demonological phenomenon."

Note that he has much more to say about this in his books. Keel also supports the demonic explanation of the "Men in Black". He has had real encounters with them, and he doesn't think they were human.

If this view were merely the position of Christians who have investigated the UFO Phenomenon, it might well be dismissed as so much narrow-minded religious paranoia. But when we find that this conclusion is supported directly, and indirectly, by secular experts who have no interest in supporting Christianity generally, then we know that we have discovered the truth.

It must be noted that Vallee and Keel aren't the only secular investigators who have come to the same basic conclusion. For more support for the "satanic/demonic deception" position, follow the link below, (part of "The Watcher" site) and check out this page on,

" Great UFO Deception Quotes"

The satanic origin of UFOs manifests itself, in addition to UFO encounters, in ongoing deception by way of the New Age-Occult Connection and the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

These subjects are discussed in the next page.

The Occult Connection

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