The Great Tribulation

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Jesus told us that just before the actual Second Coming, there will be a period of history in which there will be "great tribulation". He told us, in essence, that it will be the worst thing that will ever happen to the human race. His Words, in Matthew 24:21 & 22 and Mark 13:19 & 20, imply that the events of this period will threaten the extinction of mankind.

In order to be completely ready for the Second Coming, you should have a Scripturally accurate understanding of what is going to happen during the Great Tribulation. This knowledge will protect you from terrible surprises that could destroy your faith. While acknowledging that many people will disagree with what is said here, the author presents what he understands the Bible, and the Book of Revelation in particular, to really say about this controversial topic.

Introduction to the Tribulation The Tribulation will consist
      of three great woes.
Part I. What Happens To Christians?
  The Seven Churches of the Revelation
  The Church of Laodicea
  The Rapture
  The Seal of the Living God
Part II. The Three Great Woes
Understanding the Book of Revelation
A Mountain Burning With Fire
The Two Witnesses
The Two Beasts and Mystery Babylon
The Scorching Sun
Appendix I: Before the Tribulation:
What Should We Expect?
Appendix II: Great Tribulation Overview

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