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5/28/01 For those in the U.K., Ireland and Northern Europe, William D. Brehm, the author and Web master of this site, will be speaking on the topic of "BABEL RISING!" at the Moriel Last Days Prophecy Bible Conference, September 14-16, at the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire. See the related page for more information.

12/9/00 For the first time in six months, this is updated again. The purpose is to alert the readers to the most recent new page in this site. The page is entitled "The Best To You In Warning!". It is an essay on a frequently overlooked Biblical topic - God's warnings. These warnings are as important a part of the Gospel as God's promises, and like the promises, are a manifestation of God's grace. This topic is highly relevant to this Web site, because The Main Message is a warning!

6/4/00 If you have just visited for the first time in a while, you noticed on the Home Page that this site is getting a new look. This has already been extended to several of the multi-page sections and special purpose pages. More will follow. The entire Ministry is in the midst of a new beginning. 

Also, another new page has just been added to the "Other Important Topics" section. It is a response to a challenge given to the basic thesis of this Main Message by a date setter. The page is called "Date Setting VS Being Ready!!!" It presents a Scriptural contrast between the error of setting dates and the Biblical admonition to "be ready".

Just as the predictions made in this page that the Y2K Bug would not precipitate a global social and economic catastrophe, and the Second Coming wouldn't happen on 1/1/2000 either, both proved correct, so is the prediction that  the big wave of interest in Second Coming Prophecy that occurred in the past few years would soon die out. See the 12/29/99 update, and "Where is the Promise?". The only thing predicted in this site that did not happen is a big public embarrassment for Christianity. The reason it didn't was that the  failure of the Y2K Bug to cause any but scattered, minor problems embarrassed everybody who was sure we were headed for disaster, and that was what got the media attention. Frankly, I am glad I was wrong about that.

As I have said before, I always admit that I could be wrong about anything I predict. I have been wrong before about minor issues, and when I knew it, I admitted it. But I have never been proven wrong about anything that constituted a major aspect of the Main Message. Frankly, if the Y2K Bug had produced a global catastrophe, I would have been proven wrong about a major point, and I would have shut down this ministry. As it is, the Ministry is on an upswing.

Finally, I have received some e-mail critical of the attitude sometimes expressed in my E-Letters and some of my Web pages. I have added a special page to this site to answer those complaints. You can ready what I have to say about that in "Why I Am Sure That I Am Right" .

4/2/00 Several world events have happened in the past few months that support the views expressed in this Web site. It has been this writer's contention that although the views expressed in this site are much different from, and often totally at odds with, many popular ideas about Second Coming Prophecy, the ideas expressed here are more in accord with both the Bible and reality than much that is taught elsewhere. The events that have recently given support to this are as follows:

1. A stated in the "Where is the Promise?" page, and below on this page, this writer took the position; contrary to what many people, Christian and non-Christian alike, were saying; that the Y2K Bug would not cause a global social and economic catastrophe. This has been proven right by history.

2. As stated in the "Will the Antichrist be a Pope?" and "The Two Witnesses Vs. The Two Beasts" pages, there is a serious likelihood that the first Beast, or King will be a Muslim, and the second Beast, or False Prophet, will be a Pope. Just this week, a Pope, on an official visit to the Holy Land, kissed a Koran. This act was a demonstration of the fact, mentioned in the "Pope" page, that the Roman Catholic Church has been surrendering to Islam. It supports the likelihood that the Tribulation scenario presented in this site is correct.

3. In the "Extended Life Spans" page of the "BABEL RISING!" section, it is said that the Human Genome Project may give us the ability to give ourselves biological eternal life. An article posted on the Wired News site this week described a breakthrough in understanding aging that is a direct result of the Human Genome Project, which may lead to a way to stop it. If people don't get old, their natural life expectancies will be effectively unlimited. This is something that this author does not believe God will allow before the Second Coming, and this breakthrough increases the likelihood that the Great Tribulation will begin relatively soon, increasing the critical necessity, as mentioned below, to be ready.

One other thing: If you are a previous visitor to this site, how do you like the new Home Page design?

3/19/00 A new page has just been added to this site, in the "Other Important Topics" section. It is entitled "Never Assume You're Ready!!!", and is a companion page to the "BEING READY Checklist" page. It compares the attitudes of Moses and St. Paul relevant to a Christian thinking he or she is ready, or, to put it differently, to thinking that he or she "has arrived". It also considers this attitude in regard to what Jesus said in Revelation 3:16 & 17. If you think you are ready, you should give it a read. This page was inspired by a sermon preached by the pastor of my church.

12/23/99 Part 1. We are fast approaching the notorious Y2K crisis. At this writing, it is only 8 days away. There has been enormous interest in this among those Christians who are interested in Second Coming Prophecy, especially those who truly believe that Jesus is coming soon. 

There are two points that many Christian are more or less making an article of faith, of either or both. 

  1. The Y2K Bug will cause a global social and economic catastrophe. 
  2. The Second Coming of Christ will occur at or around 12:01 AM, 1/1/2000. 

I am here going to do something that I seldom do. I am going to say absolutely, not just a "maybe", this time, but absolutely, that neither of these things is going to happen. I wish I could somehow prove the date on which this update to this page is being made, because in the future I expect to use it to support my own credibility.

Christian who overdo it with Y2K Bug preparations, and/or link it to Prophecy, are making what may be an embarrassing and possibly expensive mistake. I am sure there are going to be problems, especially in Eastern Europe and Third World countries. It is impossible to say to how bad the problems will be, but I affirm that it won't result in a global social and economic catastrophe, and particularly will not cause the crash of the stock market or the economic collapse of the United States. Furthermore, the only real Scriptural relevance the Y2K Bug has is to Luke 21:11. It's just a bigger-than-average End Times, "beginning of sorrows" event. Nothing for Christians to get upset about.

Concerning the Year 2000 and Prophecy, as I have said elsewhere in this site (See the "Where is the Promise" page), the Year 2000 has no relevance whatsoever to Second Coming Prophecy or Christian theology generally. Scholars have narrowed the probable year of Jesus' birth to 2 possible years, 7 or 4 BC. The probable time of year is Spring or Fall, not Winter. We have recently crossed the 2000 years from Jesus' birth threshold  without anything particularly relevant to Prophecy happening. I repeat, this New Year has no connection with Prophecy.

Unfortunately, there are some Christians who are so sure that Jesus is coming on 1/1/2000 that they are quitting their jobs and giving away everything they have. On 1/2/2000 they are going to be realizing that they are homeless and generally material destitute, and above all, deeply disillusioned. My information is that many of these Christians will actually be in the vicinity of Jerusalem, where they will become a major problem to the Israeli government. What this is going to produce may be one of the worst mass media embarrassments the Christian Faith has ever had.

There are two passages of Scripture, in particular (and of course, others that support this) that tell us that when Jesus does come, things will seem normal and no one (or virtually no one) will be expecting it; Matthew 24:41 and I Thessalonians 5:1-3. 

What I expect is that the long term effect of this error is going to be that the current big wave of interest in Second Coming Prophecy will start to die out in the months that follow this debacle. Ministries based on Prophecy may collapse. And the decline in interest in Prophecy may be accompanied by a new wave of general apostasy in the Church (though I am not so certain about that). 

Be sure of this: Jesus is coming soon! But not when so many people are expecting it! You should be able to easily see that this is a Scriptural position. Again, I hope to be using this update as support for my own credibility in the near future. I am sure history will prove me right. It has happened before.

Part 2. There has been a new page added to the "BABEL RISING!" section of the Main Message. Entitled; "The Learning Curve", it gives  a brief history of the "BABEL RISING!" problem. With it, the description of the problem given in that section is more complete.

 11/02/99 Yet another addition has been made to "The Proper Handling of Prophecy". The article on which that page is based was originally written for publication in a small Christian magazine circa 1982. It seemed to automatically belong to the context of this Web site. Therefore it was re-written and included when the site was first put up in 1998. More recently, the impact of what this writer has found on the Internet and elsewhere in the area of Prophecy has made him conclude that it is one of the most important pages in this site. As a result of an e-mail this writer recently received relevant to exactly what is going to happen, he decided that the new section was needed. It is entitled "The Reality Check", and is something every Christian who is interested in Prophecy should be aware of.

10/11/99 One of the main concerns of this Website and ministry is that Christians should never make any particular interpretation of Prophecy a matter of faith. There is a page in this site devoted to that issue, "The Proper Handling of Prophecy". It has just been updated with a significant though small addition. The page points out that the fact that many interpretations of Prophecy have already been proven wrong by history. It says that this constitutes a very bad testimony. The unsaved world is not unaware of this, and it helps them to believe that Christians are nuts. The update is a statement about this problem, with links to two atheist Web sites that use failed prophecies and interpretations thereof as the basis for attacks - well justified attacks, unfortunately - on the Christian Faith. If you think you can't be wrong in what you believe about Prophecy, then for you, these sites are a "must read". 

8/12/99 Announcing The Catskills Christian Restoration Conference. This is a gathering of Christian from Greater New York City area Churches for a weekend of prayer and teaching, with the main theme being the restoration of the Church. The conference will feature William D. Brehm, the principle author and Webmaster of this site, teaching on the topic of "Why Should We Pray?" The Conference will run from October 27-31, 1999. 

8/6/99 BABEL RISING! Update: One of the things said in the BABEL RISING! pages is that in the area of science and medicine there are what this writer calls "Wild Cards" - possibilities of unforeseen breakthroughs that could push progress ahead much faster in fields relevant to the situation. When one of these "Wild Card" breakthroughs occurs, it hastens the time when God must intervene.

This writer has just learned that there appears to be a "Wild Card" breakthrough taking place in the field of computers - which are a big part of the "BABEL RISING!" problem.

A company called Star Bridge Systems, in Salt Lake City, Utah, has developed a totally new type of computer that is several times faster than even the fastest Pentium and Cyrix processor computers now foreseen. These computers are so revolutionary that they are being called "hypercomputers" - and this is not just hype! These computers are so constructed and programmed that they constantly reprogram themselves as they run - in fact, at a rate of 1000 times a second. This means that the computer is constantly reconfiguring itself to give itself optimum performance for whatever computing task it is doing. The result is that it works faster and better for everything.

Furthermore, these are parallel processor computers. They can be made faster by adding circuit boards each of which gives a huge incremental increase to the computer's speed.

This is not theory; the hardware and software already exist. At this time, only large scale machines for big business applications are being made. The company expects to be marketing PCs using this technology within the next two years. These PCs will give us desktop computers with the power of present day supercomputers.

It has been noted that one of the biggest contributions to computer applications that the hypercomputers will help with is speech technology. They will provide the power to run programs that can synthesize complex human speech, do professional - level language translation, etc. In other words, the proliferation of these machines, will take us much further in overcoming what God did at Babel, giving us another leap forward toward unlimited communication.  Source: Computer Technology News

See "Unity and Unlimited Communication: The First Prohibition".

5/23/99  BABEL RISING! Update: If you have not read the "BABEL RISING!" pages of this site, they present an argument for why the Second Coming will occur soon based on the story of the Tower of Babel, in Genesis 11:1-9, and how it applies to the times in which we live. It argues that collective human creativity can threaten God's plan of salvation for mankind, to the point that God is forced to intervene to keep things on track. It further says that there are a number of things that God will not allow us to do, at least not for long, if there is every going to be a Second Coming of Christ that in any way resembles general Christian expectations. One of those things is that God will not allow us to give ourselves biological eternal life, nor will He allow us to significantly extend our present life spans. But we are trying to do so.

In the "Extended Life Spans..." page, a report has just been added concerning a major step that seems to be in the process of being taken right now in the direction of extending our lifespans. Briefly, it appears that we may have at last found a way to totally cure cancer. This is based on an article appearing in the June, 1999 issue of "Discovery" magazine. The startling thing about the discovery is that it was an accident. But there are concrete reasons why it is more genuinely promising than any such discovery previously made. Check it out.

UFO Update: A passage also has been added to the"Other Sources of the Deception" page of the "UFOs" section of the site. It is a statement by a UFO researcher that  unwittingly reveals the evil that exists among those who are allegedly trying to learn the truth about UFOs.

5/2/99  This is the first update in a while. The writer has been busy. There is big news, but first:

Special Request for information: Re Chemtrails

The information requested is anything that would really shed light on a mystery that is the subject of a "conspiracy theory" that is gaining increasingly widespread attention via Talk Shows and certain Web sites. This writer is normally very suspicious of "conspiracy theories", but this one seems to possibly have some basis in fact. If it does, it may be a very serious matter of critical concern to many people. Understand though, that beyond what has just been said, This writer takes no position on this. Rather, he is posting this request at the urging of one of the readers.

The mystery is about what have become known as "chemtrails". These, as they have been described, are trails of some kind of chemical fog, resembling vapor trails, but observed to be much lower in the atmosphere than normal vapor trails, that are allegedly being sprayed into the air by tanker-type military airplanes. These trails have allegedly been seen all over the United States, and perhaps elsewhere.

These trails have been linked to the discovery in samples of mud sediments collected in various places, of the inexplicable presence of toxic chemicals that do not occur in nature, and some rather nasty bacteria.

Both of these things have been linked to an alleged conspiracy to kill 2/3 of the population of the United States. The conspiracy has been attributed to the Club of Rome, the group of industrial leaders that has expressed frantic concern about environmental issues. It would follow that if this is true, and the killing is done, the same thing would happen in other countries.

On the other hand, the possibility has been suggested that these things represent secret US military testing of biological and chemical warfare techniques. If so it is highly illegal. And dangerous to the public.

Or it could be neither of the above. But then, what is the truth?

To repeat this is just relaying some basic information. This writer is not taking a position at all on this. He is simply asking for more information. What is needed is checkable facts that could be used to build a legal case for litigation and/or prosecution purposes, as well as the lobbying of Congress, and relevant Government agencies for action. If it is true, something must be done.

If you know anything concrete about this, and wish to help, then please either send the information to this writer or to Dave at the following address:  scott853@bellatlantic.net . Remember, though, that a legal case must be built. We need checkable facts, not fantasies and unprovable allegations. There have been enough of those already.

The News:

First, we have a new Web page. It is called "Seven Priorities of Intercessory Prayer". It provides a set of Scriptural guidelines for effective intercession. The Seven Priorities are things which, by Biblical mandate, we should address in our prayers for all Christians, and even for the unsaved.

Second, a new set of Web pages is coming. (Note: Now added.) It will be entitled "Thy Kingdom Come". It will be a set of pages that link the first petition of the Lord's Prayer with the Great Commission. It will be argued that in the Great Commission, Jesus was telling the Apostles, and hence all Christians, to bring about a complete, literal fulfillment of the petition that,

"Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

These pages will argue that what is called for is a complete taking of the world for Christ. It will be argued that this could actually be done. It will be further argued that one of the main reasons for the Great Tribulation is failure of the Church to do it. But it will also be argued that this could still be done, and shows how. And it takes the position that if it is done, the Great Tribulation could be averted for generations, or avoided completely!

Watch for these pages.

2/12/99 Another new page - this one a Guest Page. It is called "Who Has The TRUTH?". This one is a compliment to the "What's Worth Arguing About?" page. Both pages address the problem of division, especially over doctrine, within the Church. Whereas "Arguing" is mainly an exposition of the problem as it relates to this Ministry, "TRUTH" is mainly a presentation of the Scriptural solution. What is said there is something that every Christian who wants to be ready should apply to his life.

1/31/99 Another new page: "Why I Believe"; the personal testimony of this writer.

Other News: The "E-Letter" has gone out for the fourth time. "Remove" and "Subscribe" requests have been coming in about 50/50. These days, its hard to take a stand on anything without getting applause from some and boo's from others. But the letter has produced results. Also, at least two other people have been forwarding it to mailing lists of their own. By the way, you are welcome to send your prayer requests.

One of the most radical positions of this Ministry is that most Christians will not be ready . See "The Seal of the Living God". A reader  recently sent copies of two Christian publications, previously unknown to this writer, both of which effectively support this position. One of them also contained a list of about 20 Web links to Christian sites that also effectively support this position. They will all be added to the "Links Page" soon.

Another radical position is that the Seven Bowls (or Vials) of God's Wrath in Revelation 16 actually describe different aspects of the disaster that will happen when the sun goes "nova". Verse 8 specifically refers to the "nova".  (Note: a "nova" is not the same as a "supernova".) See "The Scorching Sun". Until just this morning, this writer was the only Christian he knew of who believed that. Not anymore. Another reader sent  the URL to a Christian Web site that supports this position, and has a number of links to science pages that support this view. In fact, the site makes a case for expecting a "nova" event in the sun within the next 8 years. Sorry, the URL is not in this site yet. It will be soon. And  their science links will be borrowed and put  into the "Great Tribulation Bibliography" page. Right now, it only documents asteroid and comet collisions. Not for long. By the way, the site also supports the other position of this Ministry mentioned above.

Check back in a few days if this page hasn't been updated again by the time you read it.

1/23/99 A new page has been added to the site, "Creation Vs. Evolution: An Open Letter". It presents the author's views on this controversy. The concept presented is neither evolutionist nor strict creationist.

A new dimension has been added to the Ministry. A weekly "Bread Upon The Waters E-Letter" is being e-mailed to a list of people who have contacted the Ministry, expressing interest in one way or another. The E-Letter contains prayer requests, testimonies about answers, plus comments and questions from readers with this writer's response, plus news relevant to the Main Message. If you would like to be added to the list, just write to this address: bready@interport.net  with "subscribe" in the subject. And if you have a comment, question, prayer request or testimony, send it along. No guarantee on the comments and questions, but all prayer requests will be posted unless they ask for something contrary to Scripture. In such case, you may hear from this writer directly in reference to it. 


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