Why I Am Sure I Am Right

A Personal Statement by
William D. Brehm

Webmaster of this site and author of the Message of
Bread Upon The Waters Ministry

Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

Why I Believe
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In things that I say in some of my Web pages, and in some of the emails I send out, I often say things in which I recognize that I am communicating the attitude, "I'm right and everyone else is wrong". I admit that I generally really do think that.  I have been accused of boasting, or, as one critic put it, being "self-congratulatory". This is probably most evident when I speak of having been proven right by history, as shown in the "Where is the Promise?" and "Report on the Stupider Effect" pages.

Please understand, that as stated elsewhere in this sight, I always admit that I could be wrong. I have been proven wrong about minor details, and when it happened, I admitted it. But I have never been proven wrong about any of the major points of the Main Message. Actually, though, I am not only aware that I could be wrong, I actually have a conscious dread of being wrong. I know that I could be seriously embarrassed if that happened, but more than that, I will have to answer to God for any error that I teach. Yet, again and again, time has proven me right.

Frankly, if I am boasting a little, I am in good company. As St. Paul put it, in II Corinthians 11:16-18

"I repeat: Let no one take me for a fool.
But if you do, then receive me just as you would a fool,
so that I may do a little boasting.
  In this self-confident boasting
I am not talking as the Lord would,
 but as a fool.
 Since many are boasting in the way the world does,
I too will boast."

Please understand that when I do seem to be boasting, it is not for the sake of self congratulation, but to emphasize that what is said in the pages of this Web site deserves to be taken seriously. I have more reason to be sure of this than just the incidents wherein time has proven me right. As shown in my "Why I Believe" page, I have a heavy background in the Christian Faith and in ministry. I have a high I.Q. and am exceptionally well informed otherwise. When I say something, I know that what I say is in accord with the Scriptures, and as stated in the "Proper Handling of Prophecy" page, in accord with reality.

Yet there is more reason than that. I am sure that what is said in these pages is either a message from the Lord to the Church, or I am deceived and a servant of the devil, and no middle ground. To explain why I think that, I must go into more depth about some things I mention briefly in my "Why I Believe" page.

As stated there, in the years just prior to my getting saved, I believed that the Christian Faith was a delusion. I told people who tried to witness to me that I had heard it all, that I didn't believe it, and no one could say anything to me that would make me believe. Again, as stated there, I think that God agreed with me. I had an experience in which an angel spoke to me through a Ouija board and told me, in so many words, to become a Christian. The angel made two promises to me that came true, one of which was that I would receive a sign in a dream. That experience caused me to be open to receiving supernatural signs from the Lord, in dreams and otherwise. I have received over two dozen such signs.

The dreams and other signs I have received, as stated in the "Proper Handling of Prophecy" page, have, as a rule, constituted only guidance for my own life. They have never constituted doctrine to preach, and they have predicted  future events only as those events affected me. (I do not believe that God regularly gives people signs that are doctrine to teach in our time, and unless He gives such to me, and I see them fulfilled, I will continue to believe that He doesn't. Nor, by the Scriptures and Church History, has He ever made a general, widespread practice of giving such signs) Most of the teaching on Prophecy that I have heard that was based on "dreams and visions" was in my view nothing but pseudo-Christian garbage. I consider some of it to be blatantly unscriptural. Some of it has already been proven wrong by history (see "Date Setting VS Being Ready!!!).  The net, long term effect of such teaching is that it causes disillusionment and discouragement among Christians. It causes them to lose interest in the Second Coming  and will result in them not being ready. It could cause, and probably has caused, some to completely renounce the Christian Faith.

But as stated, I have received and do firmly believe in signs from the Lord that constitute guidance for one's own Christian life. The signs I received have given me assurance and warnings I needed. They have given me encouragement, short term guidance about what to do in specific situations, and last but not least, long term guidance in regard to God's will for my life. The latter have been the most significant signs I have received

Two dreams of the latter type, that I received in the summer of 1973, constituted a call to the ministry of teaching. At the present time, I have been teaching weekly (sometimes twice or more a week) Adult Bible Classes since the late 1970's. Although I am a layman, ordained pastors have been, and are, among my students. I have built a reputation as a good Bible teacher who teaches sound doctrine. Thus, the call received in those dreams has been fulfilled in my life. 

A third dream, which I had on the morning of June 6, 1991, was in my view a sign prophesying the Internet ministry I am doing now. Two things stand out about that dream which makes it appear to be more significant a sign than any other I have received: One is that it is the only dream that I have ever received for which I remember the specific date. The second, which may be why I remember it, is that the following day I had what was one of the three most dramatic climaxes to a case of history proving me right that has happened in my life. In that case, I got to look into a major network TV news camera, and tell the whole world how history had proven me right. It was something no one could argue with, as it concerned a major world event - the use of battleships in the Persian Gulf War. The interview was broadcast, and I got compliments from people who saw it.

My dreams that are signs from the Lord are always in the form of parables that are based on things that have really happened in my life, with a clear, Bible-related meaning. The dreams that constituted my call to teaching, for example, were set on the dairy farm where I worked while in my teens. The farmer, who appeared in the role of Christ, vehemently told me "You better feed my calves!" (read "sheep"- see John 21:15-17). In real life, that man was a Christian, and a second father to me while I was a teenager.  It is notable that the first words spoken in the dream, between myself and other farmhands were, "The farmer will be coming back soon. We better get our chores done". From that, I have concluded that the dream also constituted a specific call to teach about the Second Coming.

In the dream I received in 1991, the man who had been my landlord in the first 9 years I lived in New York City appeared in the role of Christ. This man actually bore a physical resemblance to the farmer. More than that, although I don't know if he was a Christian, in human terms he was a very good, kindhearted man, and the Lord really blessed me through him. So in this way, the dream followed the pattern of the two dreams of 1973.

In addition to being the landlord of several small apartment buildings, that man also ran a big catering business. Although I had several restaurant jobs in my early years of living in New York, I never worked for him. Yet in the dream, it seemed that I did. Of course, in doing any kind of true Christian ministry, a person is "working for the Lord". 

What happened in the dream, briefly, is that he came to me at a place that resembled the place where I lived with him as landlord (which was also where I had the Ouija board experience), and he asked me to go to a certain place and help set up for a wedding!!!  I think you can see the obvious significance of that. In the real world, that incident, had it actually happened in real life, would have happened eighteen years before I had the dream. I moved away from that apartment in mid 1973. When I had the dream, I was living and working in a building housing a ministry called "The Lamb's" and it resembled the place I first went to in the dream "to set up for a wedding". The fact that this calling seemed to have originally taken place that long ago supports my belief, expressed below, that this ministry is God's purpose for my whole life.

As it happened, that place, The Lamb's, in the dream appeared unsuitable for a wedding. Furthermore, there did not seem to be much for me to do, so I left. In the real world, I left that ministry, as far as living and being employed there, late in 1992. After a certain misadventure (a part of the dream that was clearly fulfilled in 1993, but is irrelevant to this ministry - it was a warning the Lord threw in), I found that the whole wedding party had given up on that building, and had gone to another building that looked like a cathedral. I went in with them. They started physically setting up for the wedding reception, setting up tables, etc. Again, it seem at first that there was nothing for me to do.

But there was one thing that nobody else could do: It was very dark in the cathedral, and nobody could figure out how to turn on the lights! 

Then I noticed a place on a wall where there were what appeared to be three sliding dimmer switches in a single fixture. I pushed up all three switches simultaneously, and the lights came on very bright!

I puzzled for years over what the dream meant and how it would be fulfilled. I knew when the misadventure happened in 1993 that it was a fulfillment of part of the dream, and that made me even more intent on understanding the rest of it. Above all, I wondered what those "three switches" represented. For a while, I tentatively thought they represented the basic Christian disciplines discussed in the "Laodicea Revisited" subsection of the "Strangers and Pilgrims" pages. But at the present time, I have come to the following conclusions:

The "cathedral" is the whole Christian world. The "wedding", of course, is the Second Coming of Christ. The Lord has sent me, via the Internet, to help prepare the Church, worldwide, for the Second Coming! For over 14 years now, I have been effectively betting my life on this being true. And if I am wrong about that, may God have mercy on my soul. 

Finally, I now believe that the true meaning of the "three switches" is:

In other words, the "three switches" are the three main sections of the Main Message of Bread Upon The Waters Ministry. (The first section, "Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!",  is an introduction added to the Main Message years after the three main parts were originally conceived.)

And one more thing: Although I have a high I.Q., and am very creative and tend to be industrious, in my life as a whole I have achieved very little in the way of success. I set out in life to be an artist, and although I have gone through three major phases of involvement with the arts, for the most part it all came to nothing, except that I developed some skills I am now using for Christian ministry. I believe God planned it that way. I believe that my whole life until now was preparing me to do this ministry. I even had a go at becoming an ordained minister in the mid 1980's, and that came to nothing, except that, again, I did some learning that has contributed to this ministry. 

The point is, thus far, I have had more success with this ministry than I have ever had before at anything I have ever done. I mean, for several summers in the late 1980's and early 1990's, I used to present outdoor evangelistic concerts in the middle of Times Square, New York City, and even that came to nothing! In all my live Bible teaching, I have never had a regular group bigger than 20-25 people. But now, through the World Wide Web, the Main Message of this ministry is becoming increasingly known throughout the whole world.

More than that, since I began it, the Lord has brought me through one of the worst trials of my Christian life. I wasn't sure, for a year or so, that I would even survive it, but I did. More than that, I expect to stay alive for a while, and the ministry is having an impact. Other people are picking up on the Main Message and passing it on. Above all, other people have been agreeing with what I say about how the Great Tribulation will begin. See "That Was Then, This Is Now". I consider that the most important prediction I make in this site.

So, again, like Paul, though I may be boasting, and speaking like a fool, like him, I think I have something to boast about. For all that, my purpose in boasting, I am sure, is the same as his: he didn't mean to glorify himself; he just wanted people to take what he said seriously. So do I. 

I believe that the Lord has effectively told me that I am the one He has sent to "turn on the lights" in preparation for "the wedding". The Main Message pages are the switches that turn the lights on.

So please read them and take them seriously. The day may come when you will be very glad that you did.

Why I Believe
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