Will The "Antichrist" Come From

The New Age Movement?


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There is a major idea relevant to Second Coming Prophecy that has been highly publicized in the Christian media in the last twenty years or so, but that is at odds with the message of this ministry. This idea is so widespread that it seems necessary to reply to it.

Will The Antichrist Come From The New Age Movement?

Although it can't be said absolutely that this isn't true, it seems unlikely. This writer was involved in the New Age Movement before he was saved, and has done some further investigating of it since. As stated in the "Proper Handling of Prophecy" page, anyone who teaches anything about Prophecy before its fulfillment had better include with what he teaches this disclaimer: "This is my opinion, not the Word of God. I could be wrong!" Taking this position, this writer doubts that the"Antichrist" could come from the New Age Movement, and here is why:

  1. "Antichrist" is the wrong word. There is no such person in any passage of Second Coming Prophecy. What the Book of Revelation prophesies are Two Beasts. The First Beast, also called the King, is often called the "Antichrist" by expositors of Prophecy, but the Bible never applies that term to him. On the contrary, see - and really consider the meaning and implications of - I John 2:18. The trouble is, when Christians think "Antichrist", they are often unconsciously imagining a person who combines the attributes of both Beasts. Again, no such person in the Bible.

  2. The "Antichrist" is usually understood as a false Christ. It is therefore imagined that he will appear to be a "nice guy". This would fit a "New Age Antichrist", but the Bible never says that about the Beast - see Revelation 13:1 - 10. In fact, verses 4, 7 and 10 imply quite the contrary!

  3. There is no question that the New Age Movement can and does produce false prophets and false christs with seemingly miraculous powers. Jesus said that these people would arise. Christians shouldn't be impressed. The Christian response to them should be to ignore them. See "What Should We Expect?". Contrary to popular belief, the Bible does not say anywhere that the Beast is a false christ. Considering him as such is reading something into the Bible that isn't there. If you think you can prove the contrary, please contact this writer at once. But be ready to quote Scripture, in context!

  4. The New Age Movement does not have a political agenda. They do expect to take over the world, so to speak, but they expect to do it by spiritual enlightment, and they assume that political control will follow naturally from that. The New Age Movement is basically, though not entirely, non-violent. The Beast is not!

  5. In order to accomplish a political takeover of the world, an enormous amount of unity and very large numbers of committed people are required. In spite of their numbers and unity, the communists failed to do it. For all the publicity they have received, in the organizational sense there is very little effective unity in the New Age Movement, and their numbers are not what they might seem, especially not the numbers of those really committed.

  6. It would take a lot of money to take over the world. Again, the communists failed to do so in spite of all their resources. The New Age Movement controls very little real wealth. It is true that a few New Age leaders have accumulated fortunes for themselves, and you better believe for themselves.

  7. It also takes sanity. However, the deeper a person gets into the occult, the more mentally deranged and out of touch with reality he or she tends to become. If some Christians are nuts, New Agers are even more so. There are media people who aren't Christian at all who seriously disparage New Agers as nuts. They don't have what it takes mentally to take over the world

  8. There is more unity, wealth, numbers of really committed people and sanity in both Christianity and Islam than there is in the New Age Movement. But Islam tops the list on at least the first two items by far, and probably on the third. Islam, of course, does have a political agenda. A very violent and determined one, at that.

  9. Finally, it takes military power. To this writer's knowledge the New Age has none whatsoever. A few cults may have stockpiled small arms, but if they tried to do anything serious with them, they would most likely just get themselves killed, like the Branch Davidians. The Book of Revelation suggests that the Beast, the king, is militarily invincible. If the United States ceased to exist, this could be true of a united Muslim bloc of nations right now.

    We must remember that, like many other Laodicean Age deceptions, the New Age Movement is to a great extent an American phenomenon. It is this writer's position that at the beginning of the Tribulation, the United States will be destroyed. See "The Great Tribulation". The destruction of the United States by the comet or asteroid collision will take most of the New Age Movement with it. This will also open the door for Islam to take over the surviving world.

    Then there is the myth of the "Illuminati", the secret occult brotherhood that is supposedly plotting the takeover of the world. Of course, this writer can't say absolutely that they don't exist. But get this: he first heard about the "Illuminati" when he was about 14 years old. He is now nearly 62. He has done an enormous amount of reading in that time. In that 48 years, he has never discovered even one concrete, verifiable piece of factual evidence to show that "Illuminati" exist.

    And, for what it's worth, an interesting question that someone else recently posed about the Illuminati: If the Illuminati is a secret society, how come so many people know about them?

    The real truth is that they are probably a modern myth.

    Either the "Illuminati" do not exist, or they are not important. If you think you know different, please contact this writer. He will listen to what you have to say, but he wants verifiable facts, not questionable allegations, paranoia and fantasies. The "Illuminati", to this writer's perception, are just another manifestation of "Second Coming Paranoia".

    For now, he stands on the position that
    the Two Beasts come from Islam.

    By the way, if the Beasts do turn out to be Muslims, New Agers that live in Europe are going to find themselves just as much in trouble with them as the Christians are, unless they renounce the New Age and embrace Islam in a hurry.

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