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October 20, 2012

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The Illuminati Vs Islam


Dear Reader;

For all of the news about violence and bloodshed by Muslims, especially violence against the Israel, against the USA and against Christians and Jews, Christians continue to believe in the Illuminati, and expect them to be the source of the Antichrist. I keep getting emails telling me so. I say in my page, “The Two Beasts and Mystery, Babylon” that Islam will be the source of the Beasts; not the Illuminati. I first heard about the Illuminati when I was about 13 years old and I am now 68. I have been studying Second Coming Prophecy and related real-world issues since 1971. I believe that Christians who believe in the Illuminati have overlooked Islam. As I have said elsewhere in this Web site and in many emails, the devil has Christians looking for an unscriptural Antichrist in all the wrong places while ignoring the real threat that is not merely staring us in the face, but in a sense is literally hitting us in the face, and has been doing so for a long time. The Illuminati are one of the wrong places. The real threat is Islam.

Before I go any further with this subject, let me tell you a few things about myself. First, I am not a clergyman but I am a minister’s son. My Dad, the late Rev. Joseph H. Brehm, was what we Americans call a “Fighting Fundy Bible Banger”. Growing up, I was so indoctrinated with the Bible and the Christian Faith that the day I really got saved, about the time I turned 24, I already knew more about both subjects than many Christians ever know. Second, I have a habit of having unusual or unpopular ideas that history proves right. This has happened at least 16 times of significance in my life, and a few such ideas were related to Second Coming Prophecy.

You can read about one major case in my page “Report On The Stupider Effect”. Scroll down to the words “The Christian Attitude Toward Science”, and read from there.

You can read about another major one in my page “Where Is The Promise?” Scroll down to the “February 1999 Update” and read it.

Finally, there is a minor one in my page “Date Setting Vs Being Ready”.

I don’t mention these things to brag, but to emphasize that what I say deserves to be taken seriously. I learned a long time ago to be sure I know what I’m talking about when I make a controversial statement. If I have a unusual idea, I research it before I conclude that I am right. In fact, there have been cases where I concluded that an idea I had was wrong and dropped it, but, again, I have a “track record” of being right about my unusual ideas.

As stated, I first heard about the Illuminati when I was 13 years old. In the time since then, I have not heard one item of verifiable information that supports belief in their existence. All I’ve heard were rumors and improbable allegations, like the claim I have heard that they control international banking. Often the rumors and allegations amounted to what should be recognized as malicious accusations and slander against various individuals and organizations. Christians should be ashamed of repeating such garbage.

Let’s just consider international banking. Although I am active in my church as a layman, and have been running this Web ministry, and am now retired, I used to make my living as a mail clerk. For the last seventeen years of my working life, I worked for a large law firm and an international investment bank. Being a mail clerk in the offices of a large company is not the same as working for the Post Office. I frequently learned about company business from the mail I handled and other work I did. I could have been fired and could possibly have gone to jail if I had told the wrong person about what I knew. I am not speaking hypothetically; I know real cases in point where both happened to people who talked too much. From the work I did, I learned much about international business, including banking.

In the light of what I have learned, the idea that the Illuminati could control international banking is ludicrous. I cannot believe that anyone who really knows anything about it would say that. There is just too much to control; too many ‘cooks stirring the stew’, for any one entity to control it all. To try to do so would be an exercise in futility.

By comparison, you probably remember the Y2K Bug. Many people, Christians included, believed it would cause a global social and economic catastrophe. Many Christians also associated the beginning of the year 2000 with the idea of all history consisting of seven 1000 year days. This idea has been circulating among Christians since the late 1st Century AD but is not in the Bible, so it should not be considered sound doctrine, even if it is true. But many Christians thought that the year 2000 was the end of the 6th day, and that it would be followed by the Second Coming and the Millennium, which is supposed to be the3 7th day. You will notice if you read the “Special Note February, 1999” in my "Where Is The Promise" page linked above, that I said in that update that the Y2K Bug would not cause a global economic catastrophe, and I was right.  I said that on the basis of information about the Y2K Bug that I acquired through my work as a mail clerk. I knew that the problem was not as bad as popularly believed, that it was being fixed in many places and that the banks would be ready. And I mean I knew. The company I was working for at the time was ready in September, 1999. At the time I was telling people that the Y2K Bug wouldn’t cause a catastrophe, and that the year 2000 would not signal the Rapture or the Second Coming, but many Christians believed it would, and were telling others so.

Similarly, I believe that in all the cases where events proved me right, the difference was that other people, Christians included, believed nonsense while I had the facts. I am sure that the same thing applies to my views on the Illuminati Vs Islam.

If you don’t think that Christians would believe nonsense, let me tell you two true stories:

In Manhattan, NYC, there is a church called Calvary Baptist Church that owns and operates a large hotel called the Hotel Salisbury. (You could probably find both on the Web). The church sanctuary is actually built into the hotel building. It is located at 123 W. 57th St. in Manhattan. Back in the 1970s the church operated a restaurant in the hotel, which has since closed. During the years 1973-75 I worked there.  

The restaurant manager’s wife, whose name was Heidi, also worked there. It happened one day that she went to a Christian Businesswomen’s Conference in Washington DC. When she came back from the Conference, she told everyone who worked in the restaurant (most of us were Christians) that a woman who had spoken at the Conference had told the ladies there that the European Common Market (ECM), the forerunner of the present European Economic Union, had ten nations in it, that its headquarters was in Rome, and that it had a flag with a “666” on it. (This, of course, alluded to the popular belief that the Beast of Revelation 17 will be a revived Roman Empire). I knew that what the woman at the Conference said wasn’t true, but Heidi believed it.

We also had a Christian young man named Arnold working there. He was married, and he and his wife Joan were expecting their first child. When Arnold heard what Heidi said, in his thinking he related that to what Jesus said in Matthew 24:19;

     And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!”

Arnol got very upset, thinking that the Tribulation was about to begin and that his wife and unborn child were in danger. (This is a real-world illustration of the harm that this kind of falsehood can do.) Seeing that he was upset, I told him that it wasn’t true. At first he didn’t know who to believe. So I looked around the place and found a copy of the New York Times (the city’s most prestigious newspaper) with an article in it that said that the ECM had nine nations in it. I showed it to Arnold. At that point he decided to believe me. He was comforted by it, and thanked me for it. But when I showed the article to Heidi, she refused to believe that the woman who had made the false allegations was wrong. If that woman had been right, whoever she was, the Second Coming would have happened already. Long since, in fact.

By the way, to my knowledge the ECM never had exactly ten nations in it; it grew from nine directly to eleven if I remember correctly. More than that, its headquarters was in Brussels, Belgium, where the European Union’s (EU) headquarters is now. I don’t know if the ECM ever had a flag; I never saw it if it did, but the EU does and I have seen it. It is a circle of gold stars on a dark blue background. No ‘666’.

In the second story, that also concerns the ECM, there was a rumor that went around the United States in the 1970’s and early 80’s to the effect that the Beast of Revelation was a supercomputer in the ECM headquarters in Brussels (at least the rumor had the location right). The rumor said that it would be given control of the world economy. It had quite a run in the United States in the years mentioned, I know for a fact that it brought a lot of ridicule to Christians during that time. You see, Christians seem to believe that the secular, unsaved world, doesn't know about the nonsensical rumors and predictions they often believe, but the unsaved world often does know and these things bring ridicule to and to discredit Christianity.

The “Beast” supercomputer story seems to have died now, probably because time alone has effectively proven it false. The “Beast” supercomputer would be controlling the world now if it really existed, and again, would have been doing so long since, if the story were true. Of course, it does not and never has. 

During that time the story was circulating, I told Christians that it wasn’t true. I was sure it wasn’t true for three reasons:

  1. It did not fit with my views on Prophecy at the time, in which I was confident, as I am to this day.

  2. In the light of what I knew about computers then, it seemed silly. I knew that computers were not flawless and that they were vulnerable to “crashing” and “locking up”, and that if erroneous data were entered into a computer, it would inevitably produce erroneous results, as the saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out”. I thought that it would be insane to give control of the world economy to a single computer.

  3. Most of all, I knew where the story originated and how it became well known.

Briefly, the story began in a fictional Christian film about the Second Coming called “The Rapture”. I saw the film circa 1969. Due to what I assume was an editor’s error, a brief article about the “Beast” computer was published in a major Christian magazine as a real news story, and hence the false rumor. The editor should have checked the story before he published it. Too, too many Christians believed it.

You may not know it, but there are Web sites that use things like these to attack and ridicule Christianity. See my page “The Proper Handling Of Prophecy”. There are links to a couple such sites in the page. Scroll down.

By the way, that wasn’t the only false idea about Prophecy that entered Christian thinking by way of fiction. Because of that incident and others like it that I know of, I am seriously opposed to Christians writing fiction about the Second Coming.

So I say that like the stories mentioned, the Illuminati are a myth. I don’t believe they exist, or if they do, they’re not important. I might add that there is a joking question about them that asks, "If they are as secret society, how come so many people know about them?" The probable answer is that they are nothing but a modern myth. 

Another myth that I don’t believe in is the “New World Order”. This is supposedly a secret world government that the Illuminati control from behind the scenes. Most Christians are not aware of this, but it has been recognized by myself and others that there are several definitions of the term “New World Order”.

  1. The term as used on U.S. dollar bills in the Latin words “Novus Urdo  Seclorum” refers to the institution of democratic government in the United States following the American Revolution. It was truly a “new world order”, in the sense of a new kind of government, at the time.

  2. The term as used by statesmen and diplomats in relation to our times refers to the new global political and economic situation since the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, and that is all that it means.

  3. The term as used by people who believe in the Illuminati. Like the Illuminati themselves, I have not found one verifiable item of information that supports the belief that this “New World Order” really exists. People who think it does are interpreting the facts to support their beliefs, when they should change their beliefs to fit the facts. Incidentally, Christians often make the same mistake when they “interpret” the Scriptures.

  4. A new definition of the term “New World Order” is the one recently used by Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The “New World Order” by his definition would be a world controlled by Islam. That is what he really wants. This happens to also be the true goal of the Al Qaeda. They want to restore the old Muslim empire that is called the Caliphate, which ruled the Middle East and beyond between the 7th and 13th Centuries, and they want the Caliphate to rule the world.

Now concerning Islam, one of the main identifying characteristics of “Mystery, Babylon” is in Revelation 17:6,

    “And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.”

In other words, “Mystery, Babylon” is responsible for the martyrdom of many Christians. Now, if you believe in the Illuminati, tell me, how many Christians have the Illuminati killed? If you can give a number, can you document it from a non-Christian source?

On the other hand, did you hear about what happened in Nigeria a couple of years ago? It was on the News in New York at the time. Over five hundred Christians, mostly women and children, were literally hacked to pieces with machetes by a mob of fanatical Muslims. You may not know it, but that was not an isolated incident. It was typical of Muslim behavior that has been going on since the followers of Muhammad began their ‘jihad” in 624 AD.

Here is a significant historical example: if you know anything about the history of ancient Rome, you probably know that in the 2nd and 3rd Centuries BC, the Romans fought a series of wars, called the Punic Wars, with a Phoenician city called Carthage that was on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa near the modern city of Tunis. The Romans won, but they didn’t destroy the city. Rather, they made it part of the Roman Empire.

The city was still standing in Early Christian times. Several Christian leaders from the Early Church were from Carthage and the surrounding area, notably St. Augustine and a theologian known as Tertullian who is best known today for opposing Gnosticism and for coining the term “Trinity”. But today all that is left of Carthage is ruins. Do you know how the city got that way?

The answer is that sometime in the latter part of the 7th Century (I haven’t been able to find the exact year), Carthage was destroyed and the entire predominantly Christian population was slaughtered by a Muslim army because they refused to convert to Islam. For the record, I got this information from the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, a secular source.

Christians have been criticized for “spreading Christianity by the sword”. Although there have been some cases, it has been rare. When it did happen, it was often a practice learned from the Muslims. Spreading Islam by the sword has been standard Muslim practice since its beginning. The Koran not only allows it, it mandates it. Muslims are supposed to kill anyone who refuses to convert to or opposes Islam. As a friend of mine who has been a missionary in Israel said in his Web site shortly after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01, Islam professes to be a religion of peace. The truth is that it is a religion of murder. A Muslim who lives in peace with people of other religions is not a good Muslim. He or she does not really obey the teachings of the Koran.

Only communism, especially the Leninist – Stalinist – Maoist variety has been responsible for shedding Christian blood on the scale to which Islam has done so, and that only in the 20th Century. Although there is still some persecution of Christians in Communist countries, it is nothing compared to what happened circa 60-90 years ago. It has mostly stopped, and Christianity is growing in China and Russia. But Muslims have been killing Christians since 624 AD and they haven't stopped.

Therefore, if any real entity in this world is “drunk with the blood of the saints”, it is Islam, and it has been for a long time. Islam, by the standard of Revelation 17:6, is “Mystery Babylon”. There is no other real-world suspect.

For more on this, see the my Web page; “The Two Beasts and Mystery’ Babylon”.   Read the page and learn.


 Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

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